Albertsons Monopoly 2021 Rare Pieces

Monopoly Albertsons 2021

The Albertsons Monopoly 2021 is on so it’s time to collect the Albertsons Monopoly 2021 Rare Pieces and play at for a chance to win big prizes. Will you fill the Albertsons Monopoly game board this year?

Below is a list of all Albertsons Monopoly Rare Pieces 2021. Be sure to come back every time you get Albertsons Monopoly pieces to find out if you got rare ones.

  • $1,000,000 Cash
    • Rare Piece: A606F
    • Semi-Rare Game Piece: A601A
    • Common Pieces: A602B, A603C, A604D, A605E, A607G
  • $250,000 Vacation Home
    • Rare Piece: B611D
    • Semi-Rare Game Piece: B614G
    • Common Pieces: B608A, B609B, B610C, B612E, B613F
  • $100,000 Cash or Boat
    • Rare Piece: M656A
    • Semi-Rare Game Piece: M659D
    • Common Pieces: M657B, M658C, M660E, M661F
  • $40,000 Vehicle of Choice
    • Rare Piece: J643B
    • Semi-Rare Game Piece: J646E
    • Common Pieces: J642A, J644C, J645D, J647F
  • $25,000 Home Theater
    • Rare Piece: F630D
    • Semi-Rare Game Piece: F631C
    • Common Pieces: F633A, F632B, F629E, F628F
  • $10,000 Cash
    • Rare Piece: C615E
    • Semi-Rare Game Piece: C618B
    • Common Pieces: C619A, C617C, C616D
  • $5,000 Groceries
    • Rare Piece: P667D
    • Common Pieces: P670A, P669B, P668C
  • $1,000 Cash
    • Rare Piece: N663C
    • Common Pieces: N665A, N664B, N662D
  • $500 Portable Grill & Groceries
    • Rare Piece: L653B
    • Common Pieces: L652A, L654C, L655D
  • $250 Grocery Gift Card
    • Rare Piece: K649B
    • Common Pieces: K648A, K650C, K651D
  • $100 Grocery Gift Card
    • Rare Piece: H641A
    • Common Pieces: H640B, H639C, H638D
  • $50 Grocery Gift Card
    • Rare Piece: G635C
    • Common Pieces: G637A, G636B, G634D
  • $20 Grocery Gift Card
    • Rare Piece: E625C
    • Common Pieces: E627A, E626B, E624D
  • $5 Cash
    • Rare Piece: D623A
    • Common Pieces: D622B, D621C, D620D

Do you have information regarding the Albertsons Monopoly rare pieces? Let us know in the comments below and we will update this post accordingly.

The Monopoly Albertsons runs from March 3, 2021 to May 4, 2021. Good luck!


  1. now that you told everyone the rare game pieces they will never leave the store, the numbers are on the outside


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