What Are The Starbucks For Life Rare Pieces 2021?

We figured out what were the rare game pieces within an hour.

Starbucks For Life Game 2021

Wondering what are the Starbucks For Life Rare Pieces 2021? The rare pieces are listed in the chart below. Find them to play Starbucks For Life Game 2021 for a chance to win free Starbucks coffee for life.

Here are the Starbucks For Life Rare Pieces 2021:

Game Prize Starbucks For Life Rare Piece 2021 Common Game Piece #1 Common Game Piece #2
Starbucks for Life Your Favorite Ornament Gingerbrad
Starbucks for 1 Year Hot Cocoa Betty The Yeti
Starbucks for 6 Months Snowflake Waddles The Penguin
Starbucks for 3 Months Professor Owl Gingerbread House
Starbucks for 1 Month Vickers The Cat Canberry Sauce
15,000 Bonus Stars Penelope the Polar Bear Holly Jolly Pickle
$100 Starbucks Card Holiday Sweater Snowy Mountain Yule Goat
Ravensburger Puzzle Stockings Puppermint Chip Jingle the Bunny
1,000 Bonus Stars Holiday Lights Basil the Mouse The Perfect Gift
Starbucks For Life Tumbler Skis Juniper The Reindeer Melody The Bird

Do you have information regarding the Starbucks For Life pieces? Let us know in the comments below and we will update this post accordingly.


  1. So far I have the following pieces:

    Starbucks for life: your favorite ornament
    Starbucks for 1 year: hot cocoa
    Starbucks for 3 months: professor owl
    15,000 stars: Penelope Polar bear
    $100 Starbucks card: snowy mountain
    Puzzle: Puppermint Chip dog, Jingle bunny
    1,000 stars: Basil mouse

    Good luck everyone and Happy Holidays!

  2. Starbucks for life: gingerbrad
    $100 starbucks card: Yule goat

    (Fun fact: I played last year usually in the middle of the night. I wound up winning 3 months of free Starbucks and that was at 10:30am.)

    • Winners are random. The rare game pieces and instant win prizes are assigned a random time slot during the duration of the game. First person to play after that randomly assigned time wins the prize/game piece. You can’t game it by playing at a set time or randomly. You just have to get lucky.

  3. Pretty sure I have the rare piece for “Starbucks for Life” since it hasn’t been mentioned on any sites!! (It’s a skier dressed in red.) I have had it for weeks – along with one ‘common’ game piece. I have been playing 2x a day, and have not gotten the other ‘common’ game piece.

    It seems that even if you get a rare game piece, you might still not win!! (Misleading advertising about the game?!)

    • That’s “Gingerbrad” (you can see the names by tapping the icons). It’s not a rare one, unfortunately. (Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.) If you DO get a rare one for a “Big” prize (like SFL) keep playing — purchase stuff if you must — because the others WILL come sooner or later!

      Don’t know what you mean about “misleading advertising about the game.” People still need to collect all three in a category to win; the “rare” pieces aren’t “instant win” pieces!

      Merry Christmas!

    • It’s called “gingerbrad”

      Click the image of the gingerbread man on skis, and it’ll pop up a window. On the very top is the title of the piece. Unfortunately that’s the common piece. I have that one and the other common piece and have had duplicates of both!

  4. I have been playing nearly daily, completed all challenges etc and have 5 instant wins, & have almost all common with duplicates, but I have yet to get a single tumbler stamp somehow


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