BHG Home Sweet Home $25,000 Sweepstakes 2020

BHG Home Sweet Home $25,000 Sweepstakes 2020

Enter the BHG Home Sweet Home $25,000 Sweepstakes at and you could be the winner of $25,000 in cash.

Here’s what to know about BHG $25,000 Sweepstakes 2020.

  • This Better Homes & Gardens Sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, 21 years of age or older.
  • Begins on 7/1/20 and ends on 1/3/21.
  • There is no limit to the number of entries each individual can receive throughout the Sweepstakes Period

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  1. I’m retired and my house needs major repairs and a new driveway so bad. This would be so great,but never won anything in my lifetime, but who knows maybe I’ll get lucky in my old age!!

  2. we have a huge mold problem retired/ not insurance covered. need this money for getting it cleaned. almost unlivable in our nice home and cannot find it.

  3. My galley kitchen is so tiny only one person can occupy the space at a time. Pots and pans are on top of the cabinet as I have very limited cabinet space. I look at the beautiful kitchens in your magazine and dream.

  4. We live on a farm and income does not reach in my kitchen. There is so much dirt and dust every day and I need a new kitchen.

  5. I just opened my Better Homes & Garden magazine and seen this $25,000 Sweepstakes to use toward a Dream Kitchen. Wow what an answer to my prayers. We have been wanting to remodel our kitchen for a very long time, but has been put on on hold due to lifes unfortunate turns. So, I decided to give it a try an enter & I will keep my fingers crossed & pray that if it is meant to be it will happen.

  6. Love the ideas and suggestions in your monthly magazine. I just hope whoever wins the sweepstake really appreciates and deserves the opportunity.

  7. My wife and I are in our 70's and could use the new kitchen, but someone else probably use the $25,000
    more, thanks for the offer. and contest. BHG has been a great magazine.

  8. Be my answer to all my prays, before I can rest, knowing that my Whanau and mokopuna are living in a complete Whare , with all needs to a better life.

  9. My husband passed away after we bay little house now i have low income a cant afford to update my kichen it be good to do something about, i be very appreciate to you people if you can help , if is that true? Thank you very much

  10. First of all I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE BHG magazine and I am always referring stories, recipe’s and all the flower garden ideas you have to all family and friends. I am scratching together money now to pay for another years subscription due to not working for the last month and a half. Anyhoo the reason I would love a new kitchen is mine is in rough shape and not very handy to cook in the way it is. I am 57 years old and never lived in a new or even close to new home. At this time I am living in the home I was raised in and it’s over 100 years old. We do the best we can to update things around here but being farmers and being self employed time and money makes it pretty impossible. Well I’ve babbled enough! Thank you so much for putting out Better Homes and Gardens magazine, it’s Awesome!

  11. BHG magazine gives many ideas that are affordable. Single mom of 4 trying to upgrade my home and yard a little at a time with some ideas from BHG. I try to give each child a sense of individuality even though rooms are small and one is shared. The best thing I can do is make the Kitchen feel welcoming/comfortable. And the Bathroom give a sense of privacy. I appreciate this opportunity to be entered in the amazing sweepstakes.

  12. Would love to get my bills paid off and my son’s bathroom replaced. Have tried to keep the mold from Hurricane Charlie at bay but would love to have it gone. I’m 83 and my son is disabled. All we can is send our prayers to Heaven and hope for the best.


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