Rare Tops Markets Monopoly Pieces 2017

Rare Tops Markets Monopoly Pieces 2017

Indulge in the excitement because the Tops Markets Monopoly 2017 is here! But before you can taste sweet victory, you have to find the rare Tops Markets Monopoly pieces 2017.

Will you be lucky enough to reveal rare game pieces when you open this year’s game tickets? Wondering how to know if you got a hard to find marker? This is where SweepstakesMag can help you!

We prepared a chart (see below) indicating what are the rare TOPS Monopoly pieces for 2017. Remember that certain prizes also require the collection of a semi-rare marker found inside 1 in every 5,000 game tickets. That is why you will sometimes find 2 rare pieces for a prize.

We will frequently update the chart in the first week of the game so be sure to come back to get up-to-date. Want to help us figure out the rarest pieces? Leave a comment below!

What Are The Rare Tops Monopoly Pieces In 2017?

The Tops Friendly Markets Monopoly 2017 rare pieces are as follows:

[Updated on March 29, 2017]

Prize Rare Pieces Common Pieces Qantity Available Odds with 1 ticket
$200,000 Home/Mortgage Payoff 108C, 111F 106A, 107B, 109D, 110E 2 18,000,000:1
$100,000 Food
Truck/Startup Cash
112A, 115D 113B, 114C, 116E 3 12,000,000:1
$50,000 Home Makeover
117A, 120D 118B, 119C, 121E 4 9,000,000:1
$25,000 Culinary Dream Vacation 123B, 126E 122A, 124C, 125D 6 6,000,000:1
$10,000 Kitchen Remodel 182A, 185D 183B, 184C, 186E 8 4,500,000:1
$5,000 Free Food For A Year 104E, 105F 100A, 101B, 102C, 103D 200 180,000:1
$5,000 Home Recreation Package 177A, 181E 178B, 179C, 180D 10 3,600,000:1
$2,000 In Free Gas for a Year 148B, 150D 147A, 149C, 151E 12 3,000,000:1
$1,200 In Free Pet Food For A Year 153B, 154C 152A, 155D, 156E 15 2,400,000:1
$1,000 Darien Lake Getaway 176D 173A, 174B, 175C 20 1,800,000:1
$500 Pro Cookware Set & Cookbook 171C 169A, 170B, 172D 25 1,440,000:1
$250 Backyard BBQ 165A 166B, 167C, 168D 50 720,000:1
$150 Gift Card from Gift Card Mall 162B 161A, 163C, 164D 75 480,000:1
$100 Celebration Package 159C 157A, 158B, 160D 100 360,000:1
Shutterfly Custom Phone Case 144B 143A, 145C & 146D 500 72,000:1
$50 Dinner & A Movie 141C 39A, 140B, 142D 200 180,000:1
$40 TOPS Gift Card 138D 135A, 136B, 137C 300 120,000:1
$25 TOPS Gift Card 131A 132B, 133C, 134D 1,000 36,000:1
$10 TOPS Gift Card 130D 127A, 128B, 129C 5,000 7,200:1

Odds of Winning prizes are based on getting the one Game Ticket containing the rare Game Marker, Online Game Code, Instant Winner message or Coupon.


  1. guess i cannot play i thought you could click on a bonus game card &chose a card &get so many points for each one .gather points & at end find out at end if you won . i played game for pricechopper contest .will know in a while if i won .but you dont have a page to check in .thank you .

  2. So I have one of the semi rare pieces 184c for the kitchen remodel… do people ever find someone else who has the other semi rare piece and pair up? I need 185d! & just want to confirm is 184 c definitely a semi rare one?

  3. I don't think 184 C is rare because I have two of them. I think they made a mistake on that one. I think 185D and 182A are the rare ones.

  4. I have 112A which is one of the rare pieces for the Food Truck or $100,000. If anyone has 115D, let me know and we'll work something out.

  5. Another type question: with the 2nd chance entry,do you think it is better to send them all at once or periodically?


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