Tops Monopoly 2018 Rare Pieces: What Are The Rarest Ones?

Tops Monopoly 2018 Rare Pieces

The wait is over! The Tops Monopoly 2018 is here and this year, you can win over $42,000,000 in prizes and coupons. That is if you can find the Tops Monopoly rare pieces 2018.

Just like in 2017, we built a chart with the complete list of the common and rare TOPS Monopoly pieces for 2018. The chart will be frequently updated as we figure out the rarest pieces during the first week of the game so be sure to come back to get up-to-date.

Want to help us figure out the hard to find game pieces? Leave a comment below!

What Are The Rare Tops Monopoly Pieces In 2018?

The Tops Friendly Markets Monopoly 2018 rare pieces are as follows:

[Updated on March 14, 2018]

Prize Rare Pieces Common Pieces Qantity Available Odds with 1 ticket
$250,000 Home Sweet Smart Home or Cash 401A, 405E 402B, 403C, 404D, 406F 2 17,500,000:1
$100,000 His & Her High Performance Cars or Cash 408B, 411E 407A, 409C, 410D, 412F 4 8,750,000:1
$50,000 Rockstar Backyard or Cash
415C, 417E 413A, 414B, 416D 4 8,750,000:1
$30,000 Tech Toy Chest or Cash 418A, 420C 419B, 421D, 422E 6 5,833,333:1
$25,000 Tuition Jackpot or Cash 425C, 426D 423A, 424B, 427E 6 5,833,333:1
$10,000 Smart Kitchen Appliances 486B, 487C 485A, 488D, 489E 8 4,375,000:1
$5,000 Free Food for a Year 480A, 483D 481B, 482C, 484E 10 3,500,000:1
$3,000 Smart TV & Entertainment Center 449B, 451D 448A, 450C, 452E 10 3,500,000:1
$2,500 Peloton Exercise Bike or Cash 454B, 455C 453A, 456D, 457E 12 2,916,667:1
$2,000 TOPS Free Gas for a Year 475A, 479E 476B, 477C, 478D 20 1,750,000:1
$1,000 Smart Home System 470A, 474E 471B, 472C, 473D 30 1,166,667:1
$400 Smart Watch 469D 466A, 467B, 468C 40 875,000:1
$250 Furbo Dog Camera 462A 463B, 464C, 465D 50 700,000:1
$150 Gift Card Mall Gift Card 461D 458A, 459B, 460C 70 500,000:1
$100 Photo Cake Party Pack 444A 445B, 446C, 447D 100 350,000:1
$40 TOPS Fuel Fill Up 441B 440A, 442C, 443D 600 58,333:1
$25 Dinner on Us 438C 436A, 437B, 439D 1,000 35,000:1
$10 TOPS Grocery Gift Card 433B 432A, 434C, 435D 2,500 14,000:1
$5 TOPS Grocery Gift Card 431D 428A, 429B, 430C 5,000 7,000:1

Odds of Winning prizes are based on getting the one Game Ticket containing the rare Game Marker, Online Game Code, Instant Winner message or Coupon.