Starbucks For Life 2017

If you are playing Starbucks For Life in 2017, you are probably already looking for the rare game pieces. Getting them is the hardest part of the game. The easiest being to figure out which game pieces are the rarest ones.

The game started in December 5th but I already filled the game board within an hour. Want a Starbucks For Life tip? One of the best way to earn bonus game play is to complete challenges. But did you know that you can actually play the game without making a purchase? It takes time as you have to fill in the entry form for each challenge but you will be able to earn a lot of game plays. It’s also the cheapest way to play.

Starbucks For Life Rare Pieces In 2017

Game Prize Rare Game Piece Common Game Piece #1 Common Game Piece #2
Starbucks for Life Oliver the Reindeer Waddles
Starbucks for a Year Coffee Bear Candy Cane
Starbucks for 6 Months Brad Wild Cuddlefox
Starbucks for 3 Months Winter Sparrow Cozy Yeti
Starbucks for a Month Christmas Pickle Vickers the Cat
Starbucks for a Week Peppermint Bark Mixed Nuts
125 Bonus Stars Snowflake Pine Cone
75 Bonus Stars Professor Owl Milk & Cookies
50 Bonus Stars Canberry Sauce Ice Skates


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