Getting Started with Online Sweepstakes – Part 3 – The Rules


You found out the greatest sweepstakes ever ? Prizes are awesome ? And now, you are ready to fill the form in order to participate ? Wait ! Did you read the rules carefully ?

If you didn’t read them, you might just loose your time. The sweepstakes might not be open in your states or maybe you are too old/young to participate. Two simple examples that could disqualified yourself for a sweepstakes. Two simple examples that could make you loose time.

Most of the sweepstakes rules are well written and clear enough to understand exactly who can enter or cannot.
But you still have to read them to be sure you can enter.

There some key points to look for in rules :

1) Eligibility = Says who can or cannot enter the sweepstakes

  • Open to which countries/states
  • Age
  • Void in which countries/states

2) Timing = Says when is the deadline

  • When the sweepstakes begins
  • When the sweepstakes ends

3) How to Enter = Says the way you can enter the sweepstakes

  • Online entry
  • Mail
  • In-Store

4) Limit = Says how often you can participate

  • Once a day
  • Once a week
  • Once a month
  • Once a year
  • Unlimited
    *** Be carefully, most of sweepstakes will disqualify you if you don’t respect this rule ***

5) Prizes/ARV and Odds = Says what you can win, the value and what are your chances to win

  • Prizes = What you can win
  • ARV = Approximative Retail Value
  • Odds = Chance of winning a prize

The good news is that many people won’t read the rules. This can just increases your chance of winning ! 🙂

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  1. You have a Honey bunch of jerks writing this contest. I never did find out how to get to the rules. Item 4 says “be carefully” instead of be careful. What a bunch of idiots.

  2. trying to enter the sweepstakes i have a code to enter but i don’t see ant where to enter it please help me thank you.


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