Getting Started with Online Sweepstakes – Part 2 – Choosing Sweepstakes


Now that you are ready to get things started with your brand new email account come the time to find sweepstakes to enter. ell, this part is not really hard… thanks to SweepstakesMag !

Many online sweepstakes are available to you. However, they are not all good to enter for several reasons.
To know if a sweepstakes fits you, you can ask yourself some basic questions.


1) What are the prizes ?

  • Sweepstakes offering big prizes are always attracting. However, you are not the only one to think that.
    Big prizes sweepstakes usually get a lot of entries which reduce your chances to win.
    But hey ! They still worth the try
  • On the other hand, sweepstakes with smaller prizes get less attention which result in a more realistic chance of winning

2) Do you really want the prizes ?

  • Entering sweepstakes just for the fun of winning is not a good idea. You will waste a lot of time that you could use to enter sweepstakes with prizes you really want.
  • Keep in mind that sweepstakes winnings can be consider as taxable income. This is an other good reason to only choose the ones you really want

3) Is it free to enter ?

  • Most of the sweepstakes are free enter. Some of them may require a UPC code but those sweepstakes usually offer a way to get one for free.
  • Be aware of scams. Yes, some people can try to take your money to enter sweepstakes. If you have to buy something or have to pay to get a chance to win, I would recommend not to enter. There are so many free sweepstakes available out there, you shouldn’t pay to enter… never.

4) What are the odds of winning ?

  • Well, you can ask the question but usually, you won’t find a clear answer because odds of winning will depend on the number of entries. However, you can estimate them.
  • A big sweepstakes with big prizes that is open to the whole country will probably have a huge number of entries that comes with a ridiculous odds of winning.
  • A small sweepstakes hold by a local radio will offer a much better odds of winning.
  • The number of entries may be affected by the size and number of the prizes, the timing of the sweepstakes (a weekly drawing is better than a monthly drawing), the target audience (like I said, local sweepstakes have better odds than national ones), skills required (video contests will attract less people than a simple “write your email to get a chance to win” sweepstakes) etc.

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