Cheetah Girls One World: 3’s a Charm Sweepstakes


Eligibility :
The Cheetah Girls One World: 3’s a Charm Sweepstakes is open to anyone 14 years of age or younger who is a legal resident of, and physically located within, the 50 United States or D.C. (“Territory”).

Timing :
Commencing at 3:00:00 A.M., August 30, 2008, and ending at 3:00:00 P.M., September 4, 2008

How to enter:
On-line Entry:During the period commencing at 3:00:00 A.M., August 30, 2008, and ending at 3:00:00 P.M., September 4, 2008 (“Term”), the Sweepstakes may only be entered On-line by a registered guest (“Member”). For purposes of these Official Rules (“Rules”), all times are Pacific Daylight Time and “Day” shall mean the period commencing at 3:00:00 A.M. of one day and ending at 2:59:59 A.M. of the next day, except that the last Day shall be 3:00:00 A.M. to 3:00:00 P.M., September 4, 2008. If you are not already a Member, you may easily register to become a Member for free through the link on the site: “Register” by filling out the simple Registration Form. The Code Word of the Day (“Word”) will be announced on Radio Disney at various times throughout each Day. A Member may enter by going directly to (“Website”), clicking on the “Listen for a Chance to Win” Quick Link, entering the Word and clicking on the “enter” button. If you have entered the correct Word, you will be asked to Log In with the Member Name and Password that was set up when you registered. Once you have logged in, a Word submission of the correct Word will result in one (1) On-line Entry to be entered into the Sweepstakes to win the Grand Prize. Your parent/legal guardian (“Parent”) will be sent an initial e-mail notification advising Parent that his/her child has registered at for entry into a Radio Disney Sweepstakes, asking Parent to verify this entry by clicking on a link in the e-mail, validating child’s entry as described in the e-mail and providing a phone number where the Parent can be reached if his/her child is chosen as a potential winner. After the validation process, the child will automatically be able to enter subsequent Radio Disney Sweepstakes by entering the correct Word and logging in up to once every day during a particular Sweepstakes period. If the Parent doesn’t validate the child’s registration and On-line Entry, the Entry will be denied. Normal internet access and usage charges imposed by your online service will apply. It is your sole responsibility to notify Sponsor if you or your Parent change e-mail address (“Address”). To do so, go to, log into your Membership Account, click on the “Modify” icon and follow the instructions on how to change the Address.

On-air Entry:During the Term, pursuant to official contest rules (“Radio Rules”), Radio Disney will periodically conduct games of skill (“Contests”) in which the winning contestants (“Contest Winners”) are chosen via games that the on-air talent plays with listeners that call in. A contestant must accomplish the following elements to become a Contest Winner: [1] call in on the 888-327-7018 toll free line (“Phone”); [2] elicit an answer on the Phone; [3] receive an invitation to participate in a Contest on the Phone and [4] win a Contest prize. All Contest prizes and Winners will be announced on-air. Each Call-In Contest Winner, excluding winners between the hours of 9:00:00 A.M. and 10:00:00 A.M. Pacific Standard Time Monday-Friday, will automatically have one hundred (100) entries in their name entered in the Sweepstakes. Only calls to the Phone can win. From time to time, Radio Disney will broadcast summaries of the Radio Rules and announce that copies of the Radio Rules are available by writing to: Radio Disney Rules, at Radio Disney, P.O. Box 802626, Dallas, TX 75380, or via the Website.

Regardless of method of Entry and whether one person has more than one Address or more than one person use the same Address, only one (1) On-line Entry per person per Day is permitted (a maximum of six (6) per entrant during the Term) and only one hundred (100) On-air Entries per person per Day is permitted (a maximum of six hundred (600) per entrant during the Term). However, only one method of Entry is permitted each Day.

Prize (s):
ONE (1) GRAND PRIZE: The grand prize winner of the Sweepstakes (“Winner”) will receive a three (3) day / two (2) night trip for six (6) persons (Winner, two friends, and a Parent / Legal Guardian of each) (the “Group”) to a Sponsor selected city within the continental U.S. (the “Concert City” or the “City”) to attend a Cheetah Girls concert (“Concert”). In addition, the Group will have an opportunity to meet (“Meet and Greet”) the Cheetah Girls (“Artists”) backstage and the Winner will receive a special Cheetah Girls One World Movie Prize Pack including props and a script (“Movie Prize Pack”) from the new Disney Channel Original Movie, The Cheetah Girls: One World (“Original Movie”). The Grand Prize consists of the following elements: [1] hotel accommodations for the Group (two standard rooms, triple occupancy) for two (2) nights in the City; [2] six (6) tickets to the Concert in the City; [3] hotel / Concert transfers in the City; [4] one (1) Meet and Greet for the Group with the Artists; [5] one (1) Movie Prize Pack for the Winner; [6] if the Winner resides more than 250 miles from the City, round-trip coach air transportation for the Group between an airport near the Winner’s residence (“airport of origin”) and an airport in the City; and [7] airport / hotel transfers in the City.

Total ARV of all prizes: