SUPERVALU Valu2-U Sweepstakes


Eligibility :
SUPERVALU Valu2-U Sweepstakes is open only to persons 18 or over at time of participation who are legal residents of AK, ID, KY, OH, OR, MT, MN, ND, PA, SD, WA, WI, WV, WY.

Timing :
SUPERVALU Valu2-U Sweepstakes begins on/about 1/25/2009 at 12:00:01 a.m. Pacific Standard Time [PT] and ends 4/4/2009 at 11:59:59 p.m. PT

How to enter:
Visit and follow the instructions.

Limit of two [2] Entry Codes entered per day

Prize (s):

Instant Win Prizes – Product.

Week Product ARV (ea.) # of Prizes
Jan 25 – Jan 31, 2009 11 oz pkg Store Brand Toaster Pastries $1.99 1,000
Feb 1 – Feb 7, 2009 11 oz pkg Store Brand Instant Hot Cocoa MixHOT COCOA MIX $1.91 1,000
Feb 8 – Feb 14, 2009 120 ct pkg Store Brand Paper Napkins $1.48 1,000
Feb 15 – Feb 21, 2009 8 oz pkg Store Brand Cream Cheese $1.89 1,000
Feb 22 – Feb 28, 2009 16 oz pkg Store Brand Regular or Unsalted Saltine Crackers $1.99 1,000
March 1 – March 7, 2009 4 – 5 oz pkg Selected Variety Store Brand Noodles & Sauce $1.30 1,000
March 8 – March 14, 2009 3 – 11 oz pkg Selected Variety Store Brand Microwave Popcorn $2.38 1,000
March 15 – March 21, 2009 6 – 7 oz box Store Brand regular or spiral Macaroni & Cheese $0.87 1,000
March 22 –  March 28, 2009 8 oz ctn Store Brand Regular, Light or Extra Creamy Whipped Topping $1.47 1,000
March 28 – May 1, 2009 4 ct pkg Selected Watt Store Brand Light Bulbs $1.28 1,000

Instant Win Prizes – Grocery Store Gift Certificates.

Gift Certificate Denomination # of Prizes
$25 40
$10 200

SWEEPSTAKES GRAND PRIZE. (3) – $1000 SUPERVALU gift certificate redeemable at a participating SUPERVALU Retail Outlets store (see below for redemption restrictions).

SWEEPSTAKES FIRST PRIZES. (25) – $100 SUPERVALU gift certificates to be awarded as follows, and subject to the redemption restrictions below: (5) to Entrants who selected SUPERVALU Foods Outlet stores; (5) to Entrants who selected IGA Outlet stores; (5) to Entrants who selected Shop n’ Save Outlet stores; (5) to Entrants who selected bigg’s Outlet stores; and (5) to Entrants who selected County Market/Mackenthun’s) Outlet stores.

Total ARV of all prizes:



  2. be nice to win gift certificate for grocerys or products a person uses. Do not use my e-mail for any other purpose that this sweepstakes ONLY. Thank you

  3. This is a hassle! why can’t you just let me win off from the scratch ticket. where do I enter the codes from my tickets?

  4. I went to the grocery store tonight and they were out of the scratch coupons already. They need to be sent some more. The store is Hagan’s Super Valu, New Rockford, ND

  5. I moved to Alexandria, Minnesota in October 1972 and started shopping at Pete’s Market and still shop there every week. Their good service is appreciated. Thank you.
    “Sid” Hanson

  6. This states that the contest ends on April 4, 2009, BUT the cards I have from the grocery store say the contest ends on August 3, 2009. Which is it?

    ALSO where does a person enter? Several people have asked, but there is no answer!

  7. I love shopping at I.G.A. we shop ther at least 2-3 times a week, the only thing is there are some products you don’t have such as menudo mix, the tripe that is usually there, it l0oks old there is usually 1-2 packages that look like the’ve been sitting for awhile, other than that we are very happy to shop at the evergreen I.G.A., more mexican products would be nice, such as carrying Chorizo on a regular basis.

  8. I think the SUPERVALUE2-u sweepstakes is awesome, i love to enter sweepstakes and win, i also love to use the coupons that will save us money

  9. There are several people asking about how to enter tne, when you get on to the site click on that for the sweepstakes, then, it is up in the right hand corner where you enter your codes, it will tell you if you are a instant winner or not, but you have to have the codes from tha I.G.A. sale ads, or the cards you get from the grocery store when you purchase something

  10. There are times I have a hard time getting , I have printed off coupons and am just waiting to here that I have won something on the sweepsrakes

  11. instead of giving us scratch off and use the website for this kind of products and prizes. why don’t you just do it inside the store in a certain day and time to be fair, and everybody is happy win or lose.

  12. I tried to enter two codes from the sales paper picked up today at a local IGA. After entering the codes, it was stated the codes were invalid, already expired. Go figure. The paper expiration date is a lot later.


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