Phillips 66 TANK5 2017

673 - Phillips 66 TANK 5 Promotion

Did you know that you are just 5 simple steps away from winning up to $20 in gas cards? That’s the 2017 TANK5 Promotion at Phillips 66! All this summer, fill up at Phillips 66 to receive your official game card. Scratch to reveal your Access Number then play the game online at or by texting TANK5 to 777888 for a chance to win instantly!

That’s five simple steps and you can repeat them daily through September 9th.

How To Play the TANK5 Game At

Starting on July 1st, receive an official game card each time you purchase at least 8 gallons of gasoline or diesel fuel at a participating Phillips 66 gas station.

Once you received your game card, scratch off the back of it to reveal a 15-digit access number needed to play the game. To play, either text “TANK5” to 777888 or enter your access number online at to find out if you’re an instant winner of a Phillips 66 gift card ranging from $5 to $20 in value.

You are allowed to receive 1 Game Card per visit and play once per game card, per day during the Promotion Period. So keep filling up at Phillips 66 stations for more chances to win, all summer long! Even if you don’t win, you still drive away with a cleaner engine after just 5 tanks of Phillips’ performance gas!

To be eligible to enter or win, all entrants must be legal U.S. residents of Arkansas, California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Washington and Wyoming who are at least 18 years of age at the time of entry.

For more information on the Phillips 66 TANK 5 Promotion 2016, including official rules, visit now! And if you need help, you can also send an email to


  1. Yes over the last week i have playes the tank 5 game 6 times and it says 1 in every 5 wins instantly, well how come i haven’t won??

  2. I have tried to enter several times and have been unsuccessful and entering and I’ve got six tank five cards is there anyway I can find out if I had a winner sweet will 7 at sbcglobal.


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