Rich Man, Poor Man Comment And Win Giveaway


The winner is : Frank Bergman

How To Enter : Leave a comment below and tell us why you would like to win.

Eligibility : Open only to legal residents of 50 United States or the District of Columbia who are 13 years of age or older at the time of entry.

Timing : Begins onΒ  November 10, 2010 at 12:01 AM (ET) and ends on November 30, 2010 at 11:59 PM (ET)

Limit : One (1) entry per day, per person, per email address

Prize (s):

One (1) Grand Prize : The Complete Rich Man, Poor Man DVD Set. Approximate retail value (β€œARV”) of Prize:Β  $79.95

Total ARV of all prizes: $79.95


  1. RMPM was a ground breaking miniseries. It had an excellent story, and the characters were well developed. I remenber being rooted to the TV watching it with my friends. It is a good example of how good television can be so good. I haven’t seen it in years, and would love to have a copy to enjoy and add to my collection of classic television. I would love to be able to share this with my friends and family

  2. I would love to win this as I have never even seen it. There are so may classics that I haven’t gotten a chance to see and this is one of them. Please pick me and help me further enrich my life. Lol. But seriously, I would love to see it.

  3. I remember watching it and naturally developing a huge crush on Nick Nolte “I was a young teenage girl ” I would love to be able to see it again!!

  4. I was a teenager when this aired, just starting to taste life. My friends and I would gather and watch together every week. Afterwards we’d discuss what might happen next, which brother we thought was cuter, and who we’d choose if we were Susan Blakely! It would be wonderful to watch and relive those memories!

  5. I thought the star of RMPM was a total hunk. I was a teenager when this aired and can’t recall the storyline….I just stared at this man. I’d like to watch and actually follow the story!!!

  6. My brother told me this would be the road to financial independence for not only me but also for my two daughters!! We are women and need to be financially strong — this prize would help us so much!!

  7. I actually watched this mini-series when it first on tv. I looked forward to seeing
    it so much! I would love to win it! Thanks

  8. i have read previews about this new book and movie seems great , it would go good with my other movies selfes,

  9. When Rich Man Poor Man aired I was a preteen girl and I have seen it many times since. This miniseries was full of drama, betrayal, struggle, pride, grit, sorrow and love. I remember being on the edge of my seat at the end of every cliffhanger. Well made in the classic sense a storyline that drew you in while bringing the characters to life then all too soon it ended leaving you wanting more.

  10. This was the hottest thing to hit TV. I remember everyone had to get home and wait for it to come on. It was the talk of the water cooler the next day. I actually named my son after the character, Wesley. I think quite a few did, as when he got to school age, there was a mass group of Wesley’s. Would love to have it to let him see where his name came from. Thanks for the chance!!

  11. I would love to win this because I have heard great reviews about it and it seems like a great movie to add to our collection!

  12. My mom used to watch this when i was younger….i used to hide behind the couch as it was on past my bedtime. Even at a very young age, I enjoyed the drama.

  13. I used to watch this on a weekly basis when my mom was a live she passed away at the tender age of 39 colon cancer i miss watching this show with her i would love to win this it would bring back some wonderful memories for me.

  14. I have heard amazing things about this series and I would love to learn more as to how to provide for my family more than I am able to now.

  15. I would love to win this so I can sell it and actually have some Christmas money for my family this year. That would be great!

  16. I actually just came across this and thought this would be a great gift for my father. He used to watch this way back when and I believe this could be a very heartfelt gift that i was looking for. Either way i thank you for the opportunity.

  17. I have not seen this in years. It would be wonderful for a little “Mommy time” after my kids go to bed. What a treat!!!

  18. I would love to win this…I have always wanted to watch these DVDs. It’s been a rough couple of years, and my husband and I could really learn a lot!

  19. This was one of my all time favorite mini series. I would love to be able to share it with my family that were to young to remember it.

  20. I heard it was a great series so I’d really like to watch it. I can’t afford to buy it, it’d be a luxury. So thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  21. I would love to win to be able to use this as a gift for the holidays!! After all in today’s world, most of those “Rich Men” are becoming the “Poor Men”!!

  22. I saw this when it came out on tv (Nick Nolte was good looking then!) and feel sorry for my husband cuz he never saw it. It would be great to watch now!

  23. I saw the series years ago when it first came out. I loved it and would love to see it, again. It made stars out of Nick Nolte and Peter Strause. My husband has never seen it and I would love for him to be able to see it, too.

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