Gunsmoke Sweepstakes Code Word Of The Day 2021

9795 Duke The Halls Sweepstakes 2021

Watch Duke the Halls John Wayne marathon movies on INSP for the Secret Code and a chance to win the complete John Wayne DVD Movie Collection during the Duke The Halls Sweepstakes 2021.

Here is the Gunsmoke Contest Word Of The Day:

Day Gunsmoke Sweepstakes Code Word Of The Day
Friday, December 3rd – Rio Lobo
Saturday, December 4th – The War Wagon
Sunday, December 5th – Rooster Cogburn
Friday, December 10th – Hondo
Saturday, December 11th – The Fighting Kentuckian
Sunday, December 12th – Chisum

Do you have information regarding the INSP Gunsmoke Code Word? Let us know in the comments below and we will update this post accordingly.


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