How To Enter : To enter the Sweepstakes a participant must visit the “Website”) during the Promotion Period, read and accept these Official Rules and follow the instructions to complete and submit the registration form (“Entry”).

Eligibility : The Chevy Transform Your Garage Sweepstakes is open only to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and District of Columbia (U.S.) who are at least eighteen (18) years of age or the age of majority in their state of residence, whichever is older, as of date of entry.

Promotion Period : The Chevy Transform Your Garage Sweepstakes (“Sweepstakes”) begins at 12:00 AM Eastern Time (“ET”) on 10/9/09 and ends at 11:59 PM ET on 01/15/10 (“Sweepstakes Period”).

Limit : One (1) entry per person or email address for the Grand Prize Drawing.

Prize (s):

ONE (1) GRAND PRIZE: Two (2) 2010 Chevrolet vehicles of winner’s choice – ARV based on 2010 Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (“MSRP”) of a base model with available manufacturer upgrades. Winner has the option of selecting any two (2) 2010 Chevrolet model vehicles (excluding commercial vehicles, Corvette Z06 and Corvette ZR1) whose combined MSRP does not exceed the $120,000 ARV.

Total ARV of all prizes:

Winners : To receive Sweepstakes results (winners list), send an email with the Subject Line “Chevy Transform Your Garage Winner’s List” to Requests must be received by 1/15/10.


  1. To whom it my consern. your web site for the transformer car givaway. dose not work and is very hard to navigate. i would love to enter it but you cant get past the pick your car page . Thats all I have on this thanks for your time Robert.

  2. Un able to enter contest,cant get past initializing page,at 56k it just wont load,need a page where we can by pass whatever is on 1st page.

  3. I think this is a great way for me to ask for the car of my dream- the 2010 chevy camaro,just to think an opportunity to win a second car. My second would be the Traverse.
    Thank you for this sweepstakes. Iwill be waiting for my cars.

  4. I would like 2 win one of your car’s because their are safe 2 drive and also i have a big family that i do not have any income 2 buy a car.

  5. The Chevy Transform Your Garage Sweepstakes would not work for me. I was never able to fill out the name and address etc. form.

  6. I think that this is a great opportunity for a person like myself to win a beautiful Vehicle from a great manufacture like Chevy especially in this slow economy. A brand new vehicle would be a great asset to for my family.

  7. This is the big thing thats ever happened to me. My my family is looking to win, we really want a chevy silerado for dad.Mom get the camaro.please let this be a winning chance my kids they love transforms, even that camaro.I will keep telling my kids that will win,chevy you always be there for me- my family thank you, chevy, you rock hard!!!!!!!!!

  8. This web site will not allow you to enter the sweepstakes.Will not allow to you to accepyt official rules or enter the sweepstakes.

  9. Dear chevy, my family has a little pride left in us that will win, if you pick us it be the best. you`ll be a life saver if you pick us. jessica p.s. thank you the family can use a silerado and a camaro!!!

  10. I have a very unhappy garage, it is emtpy. my husband has a truck, chevy silverdo, I gave up my car so he could have a truck, I really need a car for myself, I just turned 60 and it would sure be nice to get around when I need to .

  11. I need a garage makeover because I have a 84 Grand Prix, 89 Bonneville. The Grand Prix needs a new transmission, the Bonneville the doors won’t lock or the windows operate, plus it’s leaking oil, our mechanic does hesitates to work on it. It leave spots on the driveway and garage floor.

  12. I have never owned a new vehicle before and a chance to win two would be a dream come true. I have allways liked Chevy’s. My girlfriend owns an Aveo. I think it would be so cool to drive up in front of the house in a new silver Camaro and a Silverado.

  13. I always wanted a Chevy Camiro specially the newer vehicles they came out with. The sound of the engine, the feel the power the look. Would be awesome setting in front of the house. Jammin out to led zepplin (black dog). I have always worked for what I got but…if I could win a Chevy Camiro would be a awesome feeling and sight. My 2 daughters would love to be drop off at school in these vehicles. Hope I am one of the many Americans that does win a Chevy Camiro. Believe in out Country Whoooorawwwwww.

  14. Keep it coming GM. Need to get this company back on it’s feet and away from government oversight. Every vehicle I buy will be a GM till it happens.

  15. It is an awesome sweepstake. I was going to purchase a 2010 Camaro but my lovely wife decided to leave me. We ended up in divorce court and have to pay her $1,400 a month. This money could have been the monthly payments for the Camaro. Oh well, hopefully my luck will change and I will be the winner!

  16. it sucks no one can get to the general motors or chevy web sit using a web phone. my family and friends cannot believe one of the largest car companys don’t have a sit that one can get to using a web phone. we could not think of any other sit out there we can get on besides the big GM.

  17. I thjnk its a great idea, If I should win this sweepstakes i well do my best to to remind america that chevy is the # 1 car mfg in the world.

  18. My garage has just enough room for my motorcycle. The rest of the space is taken up by “stuff” accumulated during live’s experiences. I need a larger garage so I can fit a car and my bike as well as (some of) my other stuff.

  19. I am sixtytwo years young and I am a sci-fi buff who loves the
    transformer movies. I have one and two, and I can’t wait ’till
    number three comes out. Whoever thought of making these robots
    transform into the machines that they do, was a genius and he
    or she deserves to receive an academy award for creativity!!!

    I would also like to commend the writers, producers and direct-
    ors for their genius as well. The story and theme of the films
    flowed together like warm butter on bread; you know, “smooth.”

    Thanks for giving an old man such great intertainment.

  20. I have the transformer movies in my collection and i’m a big real big fan of them,the malibu is a beautiful car,it’s awsome what chevy has done with it.But i would love to win the new chevy camaro love fast cars.


  22. I’ve tried 2 different contest websites for this contest to no avail. I’m beginning to think it’s just a scam. I wasted over 30 minutes of my time when I could have been entering contest that are for real.

  23. I would love to win a new truck,or two.I have been merried for almost 20 years,I have 5 children, My dad would not drive anything but a Chevy truck,and I am the same way.I just never had a new truck,or car my hole life.So I would just like to say please inter me in the giveaway. I can not get past the first page of your web site. THANK YOU MAY GOD BLESS!!

  24. webmaster can i have your job.worst web page a have ever been way of getting free advertisement and not pay a thing new low now you have had to read all of these comments.

  25. I have tried three times to enter this contest but have been unable to. I would like a chance. How do I enter. Can’t pass choosing 2 cars.

  26. ya it totally sucks i mean if your gonna do a sweepstakes at least know how to do it,kinda sounds like nothing new,we helped your a*# get out of debt with bailout money and this is how you do it,figures!

  27. Hi,

    Please note that SweepstakesMag DOES NOT administrate this sweepstakes. is the compagny behind this sweepstakes.

    I just tested the sweepstakes site ( :

    1) The website is REALLY slow so be patient

    2) You need to mouse over a car image on the right hand side and click “Click to add this vehicule” in the part that will appear. Do this for 2 vehicules of your choice

    3) Once you selected 2 vehicules, you’ll see a page with your 2 choices and a “Continue” button. Click on it

    4) An official entry form should appears.

    It seems to work well… it’s just really slow.

  28. Most of you people can’t type worth a crap. Please get an education then enter contest after you get your GED!!!! BTW I will win contest for the Garage makeover the week after I win the Powerball and Megamillions playing the same numbers. (No chance in Hell!!!)

  29. I would like to drive the new Camaro, i remember driving the
    1984 Z28 back in the days it’s an awsome machine. i like the Traverse too! WISH ME LUCK!

  30. I would like to say is that this contest that ya’ll are promoting is awesome and I would like to win the camaro and the silverado.I’ve been a chevy fan all my life.The new cars are all cool and awesome to see going down the road.

  31. I love the look of the new Camaro and would give it the care and attention it needs. I currently have two, two car garages but I still cannot get one of my vehicles into them, i would definitely make room for the new camaro though.

  32. can’t get past picking the page with the cars, waited for 1/2 an hour and nothing happened, would love to win a new camaro and traverse to go with the new silverado my husband just bought for himself, my turn now ……please

  33. I Can Not get any further than pick your 2 cars .. That is very sucky and unfair.. I would Love To win a Chevy camaro because chevys are the fkn best and the nicest thing on the road these days oh yeah and i could never afford any thing close to it unless it was giving to me.. please fix the website..

  34. I need that camaro because it’s me, my first car was a 69′ malibu, i have an old car, it ‘s time for a new car! chevys are great cars.

  35. If you can not use the TRANSFORM web site try using F11 at the top of your key pad to expand your page.This worked for me finally.When you are finished use F11 once again to return to normal page. Chevys FOREVER!

  36. i would love these cars. always been a chevy person and unfortunately lately had to buy fords,yech! haven’t had a new car since1973.

  37. My husban realy needs a new car to go to work. He is the only one working. He takes care of his mother, my mother and my self. It would make us all feel good to see him win this. Thankyou, Deborah Huffman


  39. site is so unfair. finally got to pick two Camaro & Tahoe, but that is as far I could get.

    fix this. this is the two vehicles I pick!

  40. My 1998 Malibu is an excelent car, it has has 180000 miles. Love it. Better than a Benz E300. Chevy has done a great job in their cars and trucks.

  41. I would love to have any vehicle. I will be attending college and I need a vehicle, especially since I am u unemployed and would love to give my mother one vehicle. Thank you for this chance.

  42. I agree, the website is extremely difficult to navigate. I have 4 computers with various size screens. I was able to finally achieve picking the two cars that I would like, however unable to go any further. The side bar to scroll up and down is NON FUNCTIONAL and you are unable to commit and then if by chance you do, you are unable to complete the information needed to enter the sweepstakes.

    Someone needs to fix this!!!!

  43. I have only a half a car left, and i really need a new better car. i cant afford anything besides what i already have… Thank You

  44. i love the camaro.old ones but the new one its alsome.chevy you did a great thing.please keep up the good work.i got 91 chevy silverado love that truck.chevy #1 IN MY BOOK.THANK YOU!!

  45. Everybody knows that Chevy Silverado is THE TRUCK to have. It’s more than just dependable. It’s functional, durable, eye-catching, and the best all-around multi-function truck. Chevy Trucks–Like a rock!

  46. I have loved Corvett’s and Camero’s my whole life. I was a teenager when Chevrolett introduced them and “Boy” they a HIT at my High School! It would be A DREAM COME TRUE if I WON them!

  47. I have entered into win the 2 vehicles of my choice and I would have to say that it would have to a sent for me to win. I have no car can’t afford one. I travel by foot or by bicycle to where i need to go. My kids and I have fun but sometime it hassales us because we would like to go and do thing in other parts of the town. Well i think that my family could benifit from this sweepstakes very much. God Bless all and good luck…

  48. I have loved Corvette’s and Camero’s my whole life. I was a teenager when Chevrolett introduced them. “WOW”, were they a HIT at my High School. It would be a DREAM COME TRUE, If I WON the Sweepstakes!!

  49. You may want to get your web site working before you have a contest. It really sucks when you can’t get past the initial page. A contest that nobody can enter can’t beat that can you.

  50. it would be nice to win the camaro and equinox. also, having problems entering on the website. thanks for the opportunity, chevy!

  51. The new camaro is awesome I wanted one as soon as I saw bumble bee lol I even thought bumble bee was awesome when he was the old camaro im a fan for life Chevy rocks

  52. I have tried for days to enter this contest to no avail. Guess I don’t need a couple of new Bumblebees, especially since I already owned the original one from the first movie. When I made the mistake of buying a Ford, my dad made me move out of the house- he was and is a Chevy man hard core!
    Would like to enter to rub in his face!!

  53. I am a single mother two wonderful kids and have a very strick income that doesnt allow for new things like cars. If i could win the transformyourgarage contest i would be able to have a reliable vehicle to get my kids to school and doctors.

  54. This is the hardest thing I have ever tried to enter. I wanted the camero 1st choice and the silverado 2nd choice. I still do not know if i entered or not.

  55. I have been trying to enter this ever since I recieved it in the email. Can’t get passed Initializing. The little arrow just keeps going around. I think it is just a scam. No one can enter so no one will win. Chevy doesn’t have to give out any prizes. To bad to I am a Chevy person.

  56. please fix the web site, i have been going nuts trying to enter and it wont let me PLEASE FIX IT !!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THE NEW CAMARO

  57. I’ve tried to enter this contest twice a day & still can’t get past the vehicles to register. Is this the way you run all of your contests. Have it set up so no one wins. Way to go GM.

  58. I would love to enter but your website does not work. I can pick cars but not enter the sweepstakes!!!!! Someone needs to check it out. I have been checking it the last month to see if someone has fixed it. No luck!!

  59. I agree with everybody else on here, the sweeptakes is awesome but the page to enter is VERY aggrivating. It scrolls by itself when trying to select the vehicles you want & finally after about 20 minutes you make it to the part where you fill out your info & try to go to the rules it takes you right back to the beginning. Are you guys just messing with us?

  60. with my wife rolling our trail blazer in bad weather this would be grrreat for us having 4 kids and me working out of state

  61. Well me and my daughter just move here to Ga and with any transportion it hard getting around so if we win any car it would just make our days forever!

  62. When my husband and I got married he only bought Ford vehicles, until one day I brought home a ’98 Chevy S10 Blazer, He fell in love with it. Now He only buys Chevy. He now owns ’09 silverado and my daughter a ’01 equinox. I would like to win my own chevy for myself.

  63. My family and I have been struggling all our lives to make ends meet. We’ve had more than our share of ups and downs and if I wrote it in this message, there wouldn’t be enough space to write it all down. I’ve had a chance to drive other vehicles however the latest vehicle I’ve had the chance to drive was the Chevy Trailblazer LS and I must say this with all honesty. My children see other vehicles that look nice but my comment to them has and will always be, I like and enjoy my Trailblazer. We longer have it however, a Silver Camaro and the Equinox would make a great xmas gift and bringing in the New Year the best gift a family could ask for. Love the Camaro.

  64. My first car was a 69 camaro.I was only 16 yrs old and had one of the fastest/best looking rides in my town.I felt like a KING for a while.If i could have known then what i know now,i would still have her.Id just like to know that feeling again!

  65. This is something wrong with the website you can’t enter it after picking the cars you want. I speak for everyone! Please fix it.

  66. I have had a few older vehicles, hot rods and cool stuff. I like what Chevy did, and are still doing with their vehicles. Your cars and trucks have been getting me where I have needed to go since I was 10 Years old. Thats when I found my first vehicle, a 1941 Chevy pickup. Its what got me into cars and inspired me to become a mechanic. The new Corvette, and the Camaro have that look that no one can ignore. They are a really sweet looking machine, that I would love to own one day.

  67. Me and my wife have been sharing one car since we got married about six months ago, it will be nice to have the chevy camaro or th chevy tahoe, please transform my garage

  68. hopefully i win it.It would be so nice to win free cars a equinox it be so much easyer for me an my girlfriend Because were havein a baby girl an daddy happy in his new camamro

  69. i recently have been laid off from the steel company i work for. we provide and make the best steel in the united states and the world for many years. i am a die hard believer in supporting the car industry in the united states. chevy has always been my choice for reliable transportation and style. i have always wanted to own a camero. the new model is incredible. i have owned several chevy vehicles but my favorite is the camero and the chevy traverse. these are my pics for the sweepstakes. thank you for this great opportunity to have the chance to own one of the best built cars in america. sincerly matthew lutton

  70. Old muscle cars are the best so its great to see the car companies bring back the classic styling and i would love to own a new version of one of the most iconic legends to be built.

  71. I dont have it made like other people. I have never owned a new car, and probably never will. but if you give me the chance. Ill make it up to you. i have 75 friends who have money to buy a camro, and if you give me the car, ill bring them to you. I support GM and will continue to do so. no matter if you give me a car or not. if it were up to me you can keep all my tax money. thank you for building the camero and thank you for being such a good producer of fine GM vehicles. may you continue to thrive in the automotive industry. and good luck in the future, your loyal customer RPB:)

  72. Mel Keuch Ready to go from the winning Matt to the winning Street.

    I am looking to win as a change to my and my wifes luck after being out of work for the last 15 mounths. We are out of work, out of savings and 4 grand children that don’t realy understand Grandpa and grandmas situation. A Grandma who had a Comaro in the 70’s and would love to go back and have one now. She would love to show the grandchildren what having a car used to be, the feeling of having that Comaro and the thrill of the ride of a real bold ride! to blow away the Fords & Plymouths as it used to be.

  73. The remaking of the Camaro is a dream come true for me.I am nearing retirement, sure would be wonderful if I could ride off into the sunset in a new Camaro.

  74. Iwould be ver very pleased to have a new chevy malibu. Iown a 7 yr. old saturn at present. and retired, and unable to purchase a new auto. I love the looks and good grades of the malibu. The last chevy I owned was a 1964 belair, and had it many years. I bought it as a 4 yr. old used car, and it ran like a top.

  75. once you choose the cars, there is noway to sign up the give aways. the website does not open for you to leave any information.

  76. I tried entering myself in the sweepstake to try a qualify to win to new vehicles.Some how im unable to go pass the vehicle i picked. Am i doing something wrong let me know.

  77. I told myself I would never own a Gm car again unless it was Free. After they forgot to install the main trunk seal in my first GM Car and my Gm truck fell apart. This website does not work so I will not be winning a free one.

  78. Would like to know how many times can you enter, also how can we find out if our entry was successful, would not want to void
    my entry as it was not very easy to navigate !!!


  79. would think in 5 days one of the site sponsors might have discovered there was a problem with the entry process….like it doesn’t work!!so HELLO !!!your marketing is going to waste

  80. Have tried for 3 months to enter, started in and then it goes nowhere. All you seem to be doing is frustrating possible loyal customers. Make it clear or at least contact them and enter them before the contest ends. John

  81. I have been a great fan of CHEVY PRODUCTS n ever since you have brought out the new Chevy Camaro n me n my son seen it on the first TRANSFORMER MOVIE we loved n always dream of having one my son just turned 13 n has said that dad one day that vehicle will be n my drive way he collects ever model of the new Camaro the he can find n now that the 2nd TRANSFORMER has come out he also like the new CHEVY AVEOS especially the green one i am happy that my son is inspired by this because he now has a interest in working on cars in building n design. So just 2 say i have been a loyal Chevy product owner since my first vehicle i believe with the nem models the company has brought to the younger hopefully they will get the great experience i had in my younger years. THANK YOU N GOODLUCK may you bring more of the older models back to life in the modern world of today

  82. I am unable to get past the pick your cars screen can you please help me with this dilemma I really need a new car I drive a 1986 chey cavalier

  83. Your website will not allow entry. You cannot get past the first page where you pick the vehicle. Are you planning to fix this or address the problem or is this to limit entries?

  84. I would love to win a new Chevy Tahoe. This would be a dream come true for me. My husband and I both lost our jobs and everything we worked for.

  85. with the weather being as cold as it is and having two toddlers it would be nice to have them in a reliable car that has HEAT!

  86. I tried for a month to get on this site but kept on getting reirected to a “tea time” site in europe or another site in India. I drive a 1984 gmc with 300,000 miles on it{!!!!!!} a new chevy or two would help me and my girlfriend

  87. i would like to know who won and if it was i am in desperate need of a new car. i drive a contour 98 with over 100 thousands miles on it. feels lik its on its last run. put so much money into it. cant afford a new one. so, when do they annouce the winner(s)?

  88. Who won? I requested to received a winners list but I never got one. And also, I don’t think the site is up anymore. I get a “INTERNAL SERVER ERROR” message when I try to get on the website.

  89. ok, WHO WON?? I get the same error message others are talking about … is this a joke??? I asked for a winners list, too, and never received one.

  90. I came on here to see if anyone knew who won, and nada. I ended up reading some of the comments. To the 16yr old…. nice thought about your mom, but you do NOT need a sports car. To everyone else complaining about needing a new one. I entered because I am almost homeless, can’t hardly afford to feed myself or my family, and I HAVEN’T A CAR AT ALL. If not for my mother, I would have to take the bus everywhere all the time. The person who deserves to win is the people who don’t have a car at all, who need a break in life. I will only be glad for the winner if it’s someone as down on their luck (for me the last 10yrs) as I am. Otherwise, wtf. PPl who have a car and aren’t worried about being homeless need to be grateful for what they have. Thank you.


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