Game Time Gold at McDonald's

As you probably know already, the Game Time Gold at McDonald’s has launched this morning and Game Pieces are needed to enter. While you can obtain free Game Pieces by mail, the fastest and easiest way to get them is to purchase select menu items at McDonald’s. However, this is also an expensive way to get Game Pieces. But don’t panic, there’s a way to get them at low cost! This is why we decided to teach you the cheapest way to get Game Time Gold at McDonald’s Game Pieces!

How To Get Game Time Gold Game Pieces

Game Pieces can be found on the following select McDonald’s menu items:

  • McMuffin sandwiches
  • Biscuit sandwiches
  • Hash Browns
  • Large Fries
  • Big Mac sandwich
  • Filet-O-Fish sandwich
  • Medium Fountain Beverages
  • 10-piece Chicken McNuggets
  • 20-piece Chicken McNuggets

Each time you purchase one of these qualifying menu items, you’ll receive one (1) Game Piece so this leads us to one question: What are the cheapest menu items?

The Cheapest McDonald’s Menu Items

With the help of, we were able to breakdown the cheapest way to get Game Time Gold Game Pieces. Here’s the list of qualifying McDonald’s menu items with their price:

menu items price california  menu items price new york

As you can see, whether you are in California or New York, the Hash Browns is the cheapest qualifying McDonald’s menu item followed by the Medium Fountain Beverages and the Egg & Cheese Biscuit sandwich.

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