Wheel Of Fortune Secret Santa Sweepstakes 2016

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Wheel Of Fortune Secret Santa Sweepstakes 2016

Good news! Your favorite holiday tradition is back! It’s the Wheel Of Fortune Secret Santa Sweepstakes 2016 and it might be the best Wheel Of Fortune Christmas Giveaway ever! WOF will be gifting away over $1,000,000 in fabulous vacations, cars, cash and a Sears Shopping Spree!

Join the Wheel Watchers Club by November 15th and you could have your own Secret Santa! Get your free SPIN ID now at WheelOfFortune.com and in December, whatever your Secret Santa wins, YOU WIN it too! With so many gifts from your Secret Santa, you’ll have to bring the sleigh!

Winning Secret Santa Spin IDs

Please find a complete list of all winning Spin IDs below.

Week 1

  • November 28:
    1. KR7786277: Kathryn R. ($68,850 Cash & Prizes)
    2. AA2084480: Andrew A. ($3,000 Cash)
    3. CV5637000: Carol Ann V. ($23,300 Cash & Prizes)
  • November 29:
    1. D7826676: Sherri D. ($2,000 Cash)
    2. DC5730927: Denise C. ($2,000 Cash)
    3. JS5375144: Jean S. ($33,846 Cash & Prizes)
  • November 30:
    • SP7215744: Sucha P. ($28,700 Cash)
    • CB1088432: Carla B. ($15,450 Cash & Prizes)
    • MQ7695878: Matt Q. ($15,050 Cash & Prizes)
  • December 1:
    • MC6997245: Michaelene C. ($132,800 Cash & Prizes)
    • TS4840979: Traci S. ($19,300 Cash)
    • PF1283771: Paul F. ($2,000 Cash)
  • December 2:
    • SR8515620: Susie R. ($22,050 Cash)
    • TK2561171: Terrell K. ($99,224 Cash & Prizes)
    • AH9358546: Angela H. ($2,000 Cash)

Week 2

  • December 5:
    • CK03393: Carol K. ($15,400 Cash & Prizes)
    • BC6883383: Betty C. ($9,850 Cash)
    • PC4374242: Paula C. ($5,800 Cash)
  • December 6:
    • MF4941456: Maryann F. ($14,750 Cash & Prizes)
    • AB0649251: Andrea B. ($9,800 Cash)
    • LB8739011: Leslie B. ($7,300 Cash & Prizes)
  • December 7:
    • CB6641804: Cheryl B. ($18,750 Cash & Prizes)
    • DS7728607: Donald S. ($15,200 Cash & Prizes)
    • VW7793731: Valerie W. ($3,000 Cash)
  • December 8:
    • GR7258911: Geneva O. ($45,279 Cash & Prizes)
    • JH6510807: John H. ($9,050 Cash)
    • MM6860331: Melissa M. ($5,500 Cash & Prizes)
  • December 9:

Win The Wheel Of Fortune Secret Santa Sweepstakes

spin_idStarting on November 8, 2016, join the Wheel Watchers Club at www.wheeloffortune.com to get your SPIN ID, a unique 7-character or 9-character “Special Prize Identification Number”. If you are already a registered Wheel Watchers Club member, simply log into the Wheel Watchers Club web site to obtain your SPIN ID. Be sure to register by 11:59:59 p.m. PT on November 15, 2016!

Then, tune in to Wheel Of Fortune on weekdays from November 28 to December 9 and look for the SPIN ID Numbers that will be aired on the Show.  If your SPIN ID number is displayed on screen, you could win the same cash and prizes as the in-studio contestants.

Be sure to confirm your SPIN ID number was displayed on the show by logging into the Website, and following the online instructions to complete the online verification process within 24 hours of the display of your SPIN ID Number on the Show.

Open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and D.C., and who are 18 years of age or older as of November 8, 2016. Must be active Wheel Watchers Club members and have either a valid social security number or a valid U.S. personal tax identification to participate.

You could win big this holiday season so be sure to join the Wheel Watchers Club by November 15th for YOUR chance to win!

For more information on the Wheel Of Fortune Santa Sweepstakes, including official rules, visit https://www.wheeloffortune.com/so-many-ways-to-play/enter-sweepstakes/wof-secret-santa now!

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  1. Grace M Connor says:

    We watch Wheel of Fortune every night. It’s so great to see who wins in the family. Than You such fun. Grace. Connor

  2. Joe daniel richardson says:

    I watch every nite.I would like to enter.Dis Able Vet

  3. Valencia Little says:

    My family and I watch every night ,of course for a chance to win big, but mostly to hear all the jokes from Mr.Connor!

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