Ellen Whale Word Of The Day

It’s been 2 weeks since the first Ellen Whale Word Of The Day has been revealed during “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”. Two lucky viewers already won $25,000 each. But the good news is there is still 2 weeks to go to enter the Ellen’s Mattress Firm Watch and Win a Whale of a Prize Contest. This means you still have a chance to win 1 of the 2 next $25,000 grand prizes.

In order to participate, you must watch the show and wait for Ellen’s Whale Word of the Day to be announced. Then, you must go online to ellentv.com/mattressfirm to enter. Of course, we know that you may miss an episode. This is why we decided to create a list containing each and every Ellen Word Of The Day.

Be sure to come back every weekday through July 15th for a new Ellen DeGeneres Word Of The Day and a new chance to win.

Today’s Ellen Whale Word Of The Day Is…

Week #1 (June 20th – June 24th):

  • June 20: BIEBER
  • June 21: SOUTH
  • June 22: BOOK
  • June 23: RING
  • June 24: AIRPORT

Week #2 (June 27th – July 1st):

  • June 27: PANDA
  • June 28: SONG
  • June 29: SCARE
  • June 30: CAT
  • July 1: BIRTHDAY

Week #3 (July 4th – July 8th):

  • July 4: FUNNY
  • July 5: VACATION
  • July 6: FAN
  • July 7: MIAMI
  • July 8: BABY

Week #4 (July 11th – July 15th):

  • July 11: CARPET
  • July 12: STATUES
  • July 13: SQUAD
  • July 14: MARRIED
  • July 15: WOMAN

For more information on the Ellen’s Mattress Firm Watch and Win a Whale of a Prize Contest, including official rules, visit www.ellentv.com/mattressfirm now!


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