Eligibility :
Participation in the Heineken Star Final Game is worldwide.  Participants from all countries in the world are eligible to win the prize. Prizes per country may vary. Only persons above the Legal Purchasing Age or Legal Drinking Age per country are eligible to take part in the Game.  Only persons above the Legal Purchasing Age and Legal Drinking Age of Thailand – the country of destination of the trip to win – as well as per country are eligible to attend the event and therefore win the prize.

Timing :
The Heineken Star Final Game runs from 23 February 2009 until 30 April 2009.

How to enter:
There are two ways to win:


Search on a Google Map for the location of the Star Final. To be the first one to win two tickets, follow the clues and find the exact location. Then submit the location and answer the football questions – the best score wins!



Customize your own raft and set sail for Thailand. During this 5-day trip you must collect as many points as possible. There are three ways to maximise your score and  increase your winning chances:

1. You can earn points by answering UEFA  Champions League football questions. Every day you sail past a football and receive three questions. You can answer these questions at any time during the game.

A question is worth 100,000 points at first. When a question is presented, a bar will deplete untill you answer the question. Every second you wait, 10,000 points are taken away. So when you answer a question correctly after 3 seconds, you will get 70.000 points. When you answer incorrectly, you will get zero points.

2. You can earn points  by sailing in a big fleet. Every 60 seconds, your score will increase by the number of rafts in your fleet. So when you have 5 rafts in your fleet, you will receive 5 points every 60 seconds. Therefore, the key is to be in a big  fleet. There is a maximum of 50 rafts that can fit into a fleet. So, you can get 50 points per 60 seconds at the most. Get going and Invite friends or other players to join your fleet or join a big fleet yourself.

3. Subscribe to the Heineken newsletter and receive 50,000 points.

You can play the game as often as you like.
Players with the highest overall score have a chance to win the trip to Thailand.

Prize (s):

The prize is a trip to Thailand where Heineken will organize an event to watch the UEFA Champions League Final on May 27, 2009 together with other winners from other parts of the world. The trip will be from May 26 – May 28 and will be paid for by Heineken (including travel, hotel and programme on the 27th of May (Wednesday).


  1. I have received emails from someone claiming to be with Heineken Star Final. I would like to know if it is real or fake.
    Please respond as soon as possible.

  2. would like too thank Melvin for all is support and believing in me and giving me faith that mircles do happen, love you Melvin, Thanks DW


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