www.reunitemprize.com – M&M’S Reunitem Prize

www.reunitemprize.com – M&M’S Reunitem Prize

How To Enter : Each time you enter a Prize Claim Code at www.reunitemprize.com, you are automatically entered in the Sweepstakes

Eligibility : Open to individual legal residents of the United States of America  (including Puerto Rico and the US territories and possessions) who are age 13 or older as of 4/25/11

Timing : GAME/SWEEPSTAKES BEGINS AT NOON (ET) ON 4/25/11 & ENDS AT 11:59:59PM (ET) ON 9/15/11.

Limit : One (1) Sweepstakes entry per Prize Claim Code.

Prize (s) :

One (1) Sweepstakes Grand Prize: $100,000 (awarded as a check made payable to winner).

Ten (10) First Prizes: each, an M&M’S® branded Electric Guitar; Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”): $275.

Fifty (50) Second Prizes: each, four (4) tickets to the Six Flags® Theme Park of winner’s choice (within continental U.S. only); ARV: $184.

1,000 Third Prizes: each, a M&M’S® Brand T-Shirt; ARV: $19.95.

Sixty seven (67) Fourth Prizes: each, a M&M’S® Brand Tote Bag; ARV: $19.95.

1,000 Fifth Prizes: each, a M&M’S® Brand Travel Mug; ARV: $12.95.

2,033 Sixth Prizes: each, a M&M’S® Brand Dispenser; ARV: $12.95.

1,722,000 Seventh Prizes: each, a coupon redeemable for one (1) Single Size package of any variety of M&M’S® Brand Chocolate Candies (1.14-1.74 oz). ARV: $1.00.

Total ARV of all prizes : $1,894,514

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  1. Julie says:

    This would be great if it worked. Entered my code and phone number over 20 times in different ways. Never did work. M&M’s could do better than this.

  2. marge says:

    Did the same thing as Julie. What a joke M*M is. Tried at 20 times. You does your web sites. And who even reads this.

  3. MONA GRAVES says:

    I gave the wrong placement of the red m&m it was supposed to be on the far left ( said it was on the right side because i was looking at it facing me)

  4. armando perez says:

    I am having the same problem, cannot enter the code, my phone number and that ridiculous “reCaptcha” which is very hard to read. I just emailed the m&m company and voiced my opinion about there system. my wrapper says congratulations, i have all characters and cannot enter my info WTF. I don’t know why they have to make it so hard. I even called that BS number but no luck there either. its too many numbers to begin with. I am very disappointed with the M&M company for having such a poor contest setup. I wish the best to everyone trying to enter this contest and in the future I hope this company cleans up their act!

  5. Madeline Pledger says:

    I had the same problem as the other people. Called the number i was suppose to call,,gave them the info,,was told a was a winner and had to go to a website to claim prize !!!! I Tried and tried,,dont know if it ever went through !!!!! I was disappointed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. robert says:

    hola, estoy iniciando un proceso legal contra esta compañia por estafadores.

  7. Tamara says:


    Que tipo de Abogado atiende estos casos.?

  8. Chris says:

    Just bought this bag on 1/7/2012, because of the contest, price was $ 2.67
    really like the Peanut Butter M& M,, Found out that I was a winner, however the
    contest was over 9/30/2011, this mean this bag was about 6 months old

    this is not right, need your help

  9. David says:

    I try to enter in the 100,000 but couldnt get the right e-mail addresss to enter the code and i try to call 877-WEREUNITE and the # was not working is this a way to make people to buy M&Ms

  10. De'Lecia says:

    man im tired of trying to call the m&m’s wereunite number it dosent work nor does this website …this is so not right and no one has reported this ….this is a big sue idea for those who won this thing …smh

  11. Robert H Smith says:

    This whole contest and promotion are a dirty scam!The website does not work,the phone number does not work.The propmotion about the contest was just placed out in the store I purchased the candy in.(2-6-2012)

    You guys are running a scam!

  12. Robert H Smith says:

    contest is a scam!

  13. nicole says:

    Wow really I am trying to see if my grandmother has won and I kan not seem to get through I truly. Believe this is a bunch of crap

  14. gustavo says:

    hey i found all of those characters inside and the website of that is not working i don’t have idea whats going on. please somebody help me!!!!

  15. J Elliott says:

    What a ripoff did anyone actually ever win? Allegedly other than family members or employees of m&m. Contest ran 4/29/11 til 9/30/11 yet candy with game wrappers are still on sale. Meaning candy is at least 6 months old. Also no list of winners. I wonder is there a regulatory agency charged with making sure these types of promotions are legitimate and not a scam.

  16. AMANDA says:


  17. Tom S says:

    been like the rest ,no way that the e-mail addy & phone number worked. still was buying the product in June of 2012 and now only find out that the contest ended in Sept of 2011. Was uying atleats 4 large bags a week for 5 months, what a rip off

  18. Donna S says:

    So very disappointed in you, Mars!!!
    I just bought candy today (7/24/2012), saw the M&M guys inside the wrapper and the assurance that not all wrappers have them, and “you may be a winner”. So, after working hard to decipher the faint, fine print instructing us what to do to claim our prize, we saw that the contest ended last year!!
    My kids and I feel scammed. We’ll be buying german and swiss chocolates from now on, guys. You just lost our business. Nestle and Lindt, here we come!

  19. nikki says:

    I am disappointed in M&M…. Bought the candy 9/7/2012 and have a winning wrapper and the dang contest ended last year? Makes me not want to buy any more candy from you guys because it seems like the contest is FAKE and it just gets everyone excited that they won and then find out NOPE YOU DIDN’T WIN BECAUSE THE CONTEST EXPIRED.. VERY DISAPPOINTING I MUST SAY….

  20. Robin K Burns says:

    Thats to bad < I am very disapointed, I will make it a point to tell everyone I know that this contest was a scam, and I will also make it point to also by different candy and will not be a MAR's product…….

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