Eligibility :
The Sweepstakes is open to individuals who are legal residents of, and physically residing in, the United States (50 states and District of Columbia, but specifically excluding U.S. territories and protectorates (including, without limitation, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa) and foreign-based U.S. embassies and military installations) who are aged eighteen (18) or over as of the date of entry.

Timing :
Date unknown.

How to Enter :
To enter a Tyra Banks Show, tyrashow.com, and/or tyrabanks.com merchandise and/or services discount and/or giveaway (the “Sweepstakes”) go to www.tyrashow.com (the “Web Site”). You will be brought to a web page that contains the registration form where you will be prompted to enter your information. By submitting your information, your name will be automatically entered into a random drawing for the Prize (defined below) from among all eligible entries received. All entries must be submitted at the Web Site, during the period that the Sweepstakes is being offered, according to all applicable directions as listed on the Web Site, or the entry will be void.

Limit :
One entry per person/family/household.

Prize (s):

One (1) Grand Prize: Winner will receive $500 shopping spree at The Cube.

Total ARV of all prizes :



  2. Hey tyra my name is wendy jackson an i think that it is a blessing to beable to give,thats why i am blessed with a dad that is blessed with a 501c3 a nonprofit organization.I prayed an asked god to put me in a position to beable to help others an my dad told me an my sis about the organization,so by me being in the situations alot of other people are in i came up with JTMG,Jackson Thrift Management Group,a group of people who are here to help the less fortunate\homeless families an is here to change lives.My goal is to get the homeless families off the streets an to open stores all over the usa,we are helpful in more ways than one,we have cleaning service,bible clases,computer classes all i need is support an the change begins like obama said time4 change.

  3. Thank God for making u tyra cause it aint to many people out here like u,u are real an u are silly u make me laught,thank u for being so giving i just wish one day ican be as fortunate as u are an is able to give as much as u do,keep it up an god is their through the whole thing, u have to give to receive and thats why your show is so successful.

  4. Its very nice of you tyra of what your doing for everyone. You have a really good heart and love helping people. I enjoy all your shows. I would really love to win something, it would be very nice to win something for the first time ever in life.

  5. It’s a great idea to give anything to anyone these days, with the recession and cut backs. Tyra is somewhat of a stimulus
    giver. It’s really appreciated by most. She’s a blessing to so many people and an inspiration. Thank God for her Mom, who instilled the will to believe and press forward inspite of the
    rejection. Strong and Courageous she is! There is an old saying
    that it takes a village to raise a child. I believe that with the talk shows and the guest that you have on to discuss certain issues, that open the eyes , gives different perceptions, and ideas is the village raising the child. Thanks to being who you are, where you are, for all no matter what age, race, gender, millions are watching and it’s all good.

  6. first of all i love as a person because u r beatiful inside and out i just cant say enofe about u tyra i have never won any contest i would absolutly love to win this contest so i can meet u and 4 once in my life be pampered i have been a mommy since ive been 15 i never cared actually about haveing time 4 me because my kids r my first prieority and its just been so long to just have something just 4 me iam 39 now my kids r 23 11 7 so ive been raiseing kids all my life but i would not change a thing my husband has been with me since 15 and very good kids so iam already sooo blessed so tyra this will be like a dream come true 4 me bye i hope to be your contest winner thank u and god bless


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