Eligibility : Honey Nut Cheerios Sweet Rewards Giveaway (the “Instant Win Game”) is open only to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia who are at least eight (8) years old at the time of entry. Void where prohibited.

Promotion Period : The Honey Nut Cheerios Sweet Rewards Giveaway begins at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time (“ET”), June 1, 2009 and ends at 11:59 p.m. ET, March 9, 2010 (the “Promotion Period”).

How To Enter : Visit NutsAboutHoney.com and follow the links and instructions to proceed to the Instant Win Game area of the web site

Limit : Each participant may enter/play up to ten (10) times per day during the Promotion Period.

Prize (s):


Total ARV of all prizes:

Winners : For the winner list, send an email with Subject Line: “Honey Nut Cheerios Sweet Rewards Giveaway, Winner List Request,” to WinListRequests@eprizefulfillment.com. Requests must be received by July 9, 2010.


  1. Have spent 20 minutes online trying to find where to enter the code on the cereal box top and can’t find the place to enter the code. The harder you make it to enter your contest, the less likely it is I’ll ever buy General Mills products again. If I have to move away from entering the contest because I’m loosing too much time, I’ll also move away from your products in the grocery store. Why do you feel the need to make this so difficult and time consuming. I’ll spend 5 more minutes on this and then you loose me as a customer if I can’t easily find the way just to enter the contest you’re sponsoring.

  2. I eat honeynut cheerios almost every morning. my cholesterol level is high so i eat it to help lower my cholesterol and it is also delicious

  3. I don’t like your Giveaway. Why make it so difficult and time consuming just to put in a few numbers and letters to see if you won! We purchase at least 2 large boxes of cereal each
    week. And why ask “What letters do you see in the box? and why?”. I like your cereal but not your contests. I don’t have the time.

  4. My code number is K1OFP-HXF38-77MO. Everybody in my family just love Honey Nut Cheerios, I buy a giant big box all the time. Please let me know if we won something.

  5. To everyone, please read this :

    DO NOT leave your code here. Sweepstakes Mag DOES NOT administrate this sweepstakes so leaving your code in a comment won’t enter you in the sweepstakes.


    – Go to http://www.nutsabouthoney.com
    – Click ENTER NOW in the top box (next to the bee)
    – You’ll be redirected to a new page where you’ll have to enter your date of birth and your code

    You can also use this direct link to the entry form :

  6. I had no problem entering your contest. It was easy to find, but when you push the spin wheel – it doesn’t stop as soon as you push “STOP”. However, I like that you give a person 10 chances to spin the wheel and we (my husband and I) both absolutely “LOVE” your Honey Nut Cheerios. Thanks for a great product.

  7. Right now we have only one code and my wife entered and I couldn’t get in with the same code. Will have to wait untill I get another box which will be tomorrow. I go through the large box in a week.

  8. As many of the above, I have tried to locate how to enter the code from the Cheerios box, to no avail. There is no place to enter the code on the box. And like the others, I am ticked off enough to change to cereals that do not promise what they do not deliver.

  9. Hey Kay. To get to sweepstakes, just click on GOLD section, or on the blue that says Honey Nut Cheerios Giveaway. GL

  10. I like my morning cheerios with half a banana and honey. It’s a good way to start my day. Please send me $5.00

  11. Please repair your website, for crying out loud. You have 29 reviews on this site. Most of them are saying that you cannot enter your code number on the page. It’s true, you cannot. Fix it or take it down. If you can’t enter the number, then you can’t win the money, which tells me taht it’s a false advertisement. I have been trying for three weeks.

  12. Have been in and out of all kinds of computers since 1956.
    Can’t find my way through this one. Guess I’ll ask my 8yr
    old Great Grandson to help me.

  13. I looked into the honeynutcheerios box and i did’nt win but it gave me a code type in for when i got here and i’m here now signing in.

  14. Hello,
    Yeah, I tried 2 times to enter in the info. There was no submit or enter button except the “CLOSE BOX” button, which I thought would still save it. When I tried to log in, I found out i’t didn’t save it all. The 2nd time, I got told that the code was INVALID! I attempted to re-enter it a few different times to see which worked. Nothing did. Why? That was the code I was given on the box lid. So, now what? Why is this being made so hard? Like a lot of other people in need, I also really,really need to win some money! Prizes can be cool,don’t get me wrong, but money is what pays bills, buys food & clothing,etc. and can get you outta hock! PLEASE respond back with the solution a.s.a.p.

    – James , L.A.,CA.

  15. I think its great for anyone to win especaly now when everyone is expercing finical dificulites. wether it be me or someone else that really need it.not to mention how good the cereal is and the health advantage to eating it. well done my favorite cereal and its healthy.

  16. There is NO WAY TO ENTER. Just honeyorange screen w/ logo in top lefthand corner….then white comes over middle of screen—totally blank. No bee. No nothing!!!!!!! I tried several times, using 3 different approaches, get same thing.

  17. How would I know? I left message earlier today—- Tried twice again to enter…still get what I got this morning and last week….. are you sure there even is a contest???????????????

  18. It was so easy to enter. I can’t believe so many have problems. I also can’t believe some actually would stop buying the cereal because they don’t know their way through simple instructions!!!
    I like to know if I should stop the spinner at ten minute intervals?

  19. It’s difficult to find the page where you need to enter the code. Also you do not except a P.O. Box. Don’t you know that there are a lot of people who live in this country that do not have mail service. We have to drive to the nearest town and get our mail at a post office. Why is always more difficult for us that do not live in or near a big city to be able to use the post office. To buy groceries is a 30 mile trip one way. I don’t mind that, but why can’t I get my mail at the P.O.

  20. was unable to enter my code the website was only bringing up the honeycomb back ground with the logo in the upper left hand corner… very sad I tried and tried… : (

  21. wouldn’t want to start my day without it!!!! i also love to eat them from the box as a snack…love em!!!!!!!

  22. You have just lost a customer. I have been buying honeynut cheerios for years, but now I find out I`m not old enough to play Your giveaway games. I am 67 years old, so if I am not old enough to play Your games ,I am not old enough to eat Your cereal.

  23. Hi, just reading the other comments, and like them, I have to add that THERE IS NO FREAKIN’ WAY TO ENTER THIS CONTEST! Just like Dorothy Mullinix on 7/12, James on 7/13, and Patricia Drake on 7/14! They all had trouble like me and others to enter this ‘contest’! What a scam! No place to enter the code I found on the box top. Rip-off to see how many people actually do this stuff? Well, count me in as one of the above with too much time on my hands. Will go back to eating another cereal to boot!

  24. I agree! I wonder if this worth it. You clear the whole thing before I can get my whole address typed in. Then you go on again and it doesn’t even take you back to where you were. I like your cereal but your Givewaway is for the birds.


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