Eligibility : The Burger King Transform Your Way Online Game is only open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States, the District of Columbia, participating US military bases worldwide and Guam who are thirteen (13) years of age or older at time of entry.

Promotion Period : The Burger King Transform Your Way Online Game will begin on June 22, 2009, at 12:00:01 AM EDT and ends on July 19, 2009, at 11:59:59 PM EDT (“Online Promotional Period”).

How To Enter : Visit www.bktransformers.com and enter your date of birth. Once Participants are verified as eligible to play, they will be required to register by completing the registration form as indicated.

Limit : Three (3) total Game Plays per person /email address per day, regardless of the method through which you obtained the Game Codes.

Prize (s):

Twenty-eight (28) $10,000 online Daily Prizes (“Daily Prize”) are available to be won, one for each day of the Online Game.
One (1) randomly selected timeframe (“Winning Timeframe”) will be selected for each day of the Online Promotion Period. The Winning Timeframe of Game Play will determine whether a participant is a potential Winner in the Online Game. The first person to play the Online Game during the Winning Timeframe will win the Daily Prize, subject to verification and compliance with these Official Rules. The Winning Timeframes and Daily Prizes will be randomly seeded throughout each day during the Online Promotion Period by a computer program. On any given day during the Online Promotion Period, if there are no Game Plays within the Winning Timeframe, the Daily Prize will roll over into the subsequent day’s prize pool until there is a winning Game Play. At this point, the Daily Prize will reset to $10,000. In the event there are no winning Game Plays during the Winning Timeframe on July 19, 2009 (the final day of the Game), a random drawing will be conducted from among all eligible Game Plays between 12:00:01 AM EDT on June 22, 2009, and 11:59:59 PM EDT on July 19, 2009.

Total ARV of all prizes:

Winners : For a list of Winners of prizes A-M, mail a self-addressed, stamped #10 envelope to: “Transform Your Way™” Winners List, P.O. Box 324, Lombard, IL 60148-0324 USA. Residents of Canada may omit return postage. Requests must be received by August 24, 2009. Winners lists will be sent when the Game is over and prizes are awarded.


  1. The website for the Burger King/Transformers sweepstakes that you referred to does not work. This isn’t just myself but it seems quite a few people are having problems. Goes from entering your birth date to a black screen. Pretty sad for a multi-million is not billion dollar corporation to not be able to set up a sweepstakes that will run on the internet correctly.
    Perhaps it might be wise to reflect a changed attitude toward Burger King as I have not been able to get a response out of them about the problem. I wonder who constructed the site in the 1st place.

  2. wat is wromg with the dam screen how do u expect somebody to win i will call coperate if yall dont get it fixed i mean it

  3. even with adobe the site doesn’t work. as for contacting burger king directly it is something that can’t be done online. i think customers will need to go to their local bk

  4. First, please note that SweepstakesMag does not administrate this sweepstakes. We only list sweepstakes we find over the internet.

    I just tried the website and it’s working fine (on Internet Explorer and FireFox).

    Make sure you enter your birthday in the MM/DD/YYYY format (ex: 12 22 1981) than click CONFIRM.

    To contact Burger King, I found these phone numbers :

    Corporate Headquarters – 305-378-3000
    Marketing/Advertising Information Requests – 305-378-7200
    Consumer Relations – 305-378-3535
    HAVE IT YOUR WAY® Cards Consumer Help Desk – 1-800-522-1278

  5. I believe we ALL have entered our birthday in the correct manner. I registered yesterday, but the website stopped when I entered my first code. I tried another code, and nothing. I waited a half hour while the screen showed “transferring app3.ascentmp.com” … Today? I had to re-register and I’m stopped at the same transferring data state.

    Sad situation.

  6. The online game is crap. I enter my birthday and get a black screen too. Maybe part of the selection of the game is to not work for certain birthdates haha. I have been overall disappointed with BK lately. Does anybody else thing that Melanie’s comment above seems fake?

  7. all you guys are complaining about the site not working. maybe you should listen to SweepstakesMag and try what she says, like download the adobe flashplayer. cuz idk if i have or not but i should but it worked perfectly fine for me.

  8. I have three of these fucking entry tickets, and I can’t do shit with them because when I enter my birthdate, press confirm and wait a few minutes. . . nothing happens! This website is shit and fuck BK.

    I have reinstalled flash, tried it on several browsers (Chrome/Firefox/IE8) and they all produce the same result. I even tried it on a separate computer, repeated the process and still got the same results.

    Oh except for Firefox which produces the “Transfering (somewebsite) . .” at the taskbar, but nothing happens.

    Whoever made this website needs learn to code flash/actionscript because obviously more than a handful of people are having a problem.

    BK probably hired some kid fresh out of college or out-sourced it to the Indians/Chinese.

  9. July 3rd: This website is still not working. So frustrating. I’m getting the same black screen that other users are getting after entering my DOB. Will corporate a call on Monday to see what’s going on. I will post what I find out next week.

  10. Ok. I entered my birthday “correctly” and all i get after that was a little black box. It happened consequently after that. All of u who are saying “its working fine” or “i love BK” are probably just CEOs of BK.

  11. for sure i tried my DOB, my brothers, my mother, cousins etc ..all of which were entered in the mm/dd/yyyy format, the site just does not work .

  12. I have tried various browsers at various times – using different birthdates. Just sits there saying ” Transferring date from…” and it will sit on the same screen for an hour.

    Local BK can’t help me.

  13. when I login and enter my code it never says winner or loser!!! its supposed to say either or from what the official game rules state… does anyone know what the deal is with that????

  14. Im able to enter my birthdate and a screen pops up for me to enter my code and once i do nothing happens! PISSED! I could be a fucking winner I think everyone here could be…we need a number or email address to express our frustrations!!!

  15. Ok, so I entered my birthdate, and it went to another screen, but the only thing that will work is a screen to register. I refuse to register, because there is no way to read the official rules before I agree to the official rules, and I have gotten majorly burned on that kind of crap before. So, the website still sucks, even after it kind of works…..

  16. I figured out the problem!!! I also could not get anything but a black screen after registering…the solution: YOU NEED TO TURN OFF YOUR POP-UP BLOCKER. I did this, then everything worked fine. I entered my codes (maximum: 3 per day) but, alas, no win! Good luck!

  17. First, please note that SweepstakesMag does not administrate this sweepstakes. We only list sweepstakes we find over the internet.

    I just tried and I also experience the same problem as you. Sometimes it works, sometimes it’s not working.

    Appears to work well with Google Chrome (http://www.google.com/chrome)

    To contact Burger King, I found these phone numbers :

    Corporate Headquarters – 305-378-3000
    Marketing/Advertising Information Requests – 305-378-7200
    Consumer Relations – 305-378-3535
    HAVE IT YOUR WAY® Cards Consumer Help Desk – 1-800-522-1278

    Rules can be found here : http://www.bktransformers.com/rules.html

  18. Yes. Thus far, it sucks. I have adobe flash player installed. I have pop-up blocker turned off. The confirmation screen pops up, and after entering a valid birthday, it goes to a screen that looks like it would be the game, does a cool flash player thing, and then it just sits there. The only thing that causes an action on the page is clicking a burger king symbol that pops up the burger king home page. I mean, what the fuck? I’ll reiterate, it’s pathetic that a huge multi-million/billion dollar corporation can’t swing this and make it work. Jeezus!

  19. Posted a message earlier, but looks like it got “moderated” out. For what reason I don’t know.

    Anyway, I did some digging and talked to 3 other friends. I gave each of them a code that I had acquired at BK. Two of the friends said it worked fine for them. At least one of them was using Vista. Possibly both of them. The other friend had same problem as me. He was using XP. The most tech savvy of the group stated that it was a simple matter of browser and/or flash player settings.

    It would be really nice if BURGER KING would inform everyone of what their settings should be for a good experience. I can’t believe that so many are having problems and BURGER KING hasn’t addressed the problem. I still like the place, but I’ve lost some respect for them due to their negligence on this matter. Lots of folks aren’t “HAVING IT THEIR WAY” due to Burger King’s negligence.

  20. its fake its just a way for them to make money and make you think you have a chance at winning………….which is not possible

  21. 4 days until this sweepstakes over and after I enter my birthdate correctly, you have to be an idiot to not know how to do that so I wish they would stop saying enter your b-day like this, lol, cause you can only enter numbers and it reads your b-day to you, lol, anyways after that it takes me to the US map and nothing.. ridiculous that with all these responses no one has fixed the problem.. never ever have I been fooled by a major food chain, liars!!!

  22. Haha.. why is everyone blaming ‘Sweepstakes Mag’ (SM) for not knowing how to see the BK website? I have never had a problem with it.. even since the game started. Make sure you are entering your bday as 01/29/1955!!! Just as ‘SM’ has instructed. You DO NOT have to be very smart to understand this. (of course that date is an example… but I figure some of the people writing on here would not get that).

    to “Mike P”. Do you really thing BK CEO’s really care about the handful of people posting to this particular thread? Haha, you must be missing part of your head.

    To BK. I love your food; mainly the chicken nuggets. I have won numerous small prizes from the “In-Store” game pieces, so THANKS! I’ll keep playing the online version as well.. it costs NOTHING but a couple minutes of my time, so whats all the dumb fuss about? Im sick of people complaining about stupid stuff and blaming someone else because they did not care to use a little common sense.

    So, to ‘SM’, I say on behalf of everyone prior to my comment who blamed you for not being able to use the website correctly… I’m sorry. lol.

    Keep up the good work!

  23. Hi Paul,

    Well, thanks ! 🙂

    I guess all the people complaining here are just searching for some help…
    But as you said, we (SweepstakesMag) are not the administrators of this sweepstakes (as any other) so there’s not much we can do.
    Plus, I don’t think companies read the comments here 🙂

  24. You guys are lucky I can’t even get the screen you are talking about. And if sweepstakes mag isn’t were you go for help why is it the place the web site goes to when you try to contact burger king. Burger king games are all the same hurry up and spend your money with us. But do not try to play or game on line because you cann’t and we could care less. If the town I live in had more then burger king and amgios I would not spend my money of burger king. I guess I will stop spending my money and just eat at home

  25. It’s July 19 and the site refuses to work. I entered my date of birth, hit the confirm key, and then nothing. Just the dark zone.


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