How To Enter : Visit and complete the registration process

Eligibility : Game open only to legal residents of the states of Idaho, Montana, Nevada (Elko only), North Dakota, Oregon, Utah, Washington or Wyoming, who are 18 years of age (or the age of majority in their state of residence, whichever is greater) or older, as of the date of entry.

Timing : Game ends on August 21, 2012 or when all Game Tickets have been distributed to customers, whichever occurs first.

Limit : n/a

Prize (s) :

There are a total of 7,190,011 prizes and a total of 34,276,940 discount offers available based on an anticipated maximum distribution of 70,000,000 Game Tickets. The following are referred to herein as “Major Prizes”: $1,000,000 Guaranteed Cash Awarded (30-year annuity paid out in equal installments of $33,333.33 a year with no interest) (One (1) Available); $50,000 Vehicle of Your Choice (Two (2) Available); $50,000 Cash (Two (2) Available); $25,000 Harley-Davidson® or Boston Whaler® (Four (4) Available); $25,000 Backyard Makeover Prize (Four (4) Available); $10,000 Family Vacation (Eight (8) Available); $5,200 Groceries for a Year (Twenty (20) Available); $5,000 ATV or Camping Package (Twenty (20) Available); $1,000 Gas Grill (Forty (40) Available); $500 REI® Gift Card (Sixty (60) Available); $250 Albertsons® Gift Card (Two Hundred (200) Available); $250 Weekend Getaway (Two Hundred (200) Available); Kindle Fire™ (Two Hundred (200) Available); $100 Grocery Cookout Albertsons® Gift Card (Four Hundred (400) Available); $50 Gift Card Mall™ Gift Card (Six Hundred (600) Available); $20 Albertsons® Gift Card (One Thousand Two Hundred Fifty (1,250) Available); $10 Cash (Seven Thousand (7,000) Available); $5 Cash (Twenty Thousand (20,000) Available); $2 Cash (Sixty Thousand (60,000) Available).  The total approximate retail value (“ARV”) of all Major Prizes is: $2,279,000.

Instant Winner Prizes: Inside certain Game Tickets, there will be Instant Winner Prizes. Instant Winner Prizes consist of one of the following: (a) a coupon that may be redeemed for $2 Cash, $5 Cash, or upon request may be deducted from order total, (b) Free Product or (c) a coupon that may be redeemed for two (2) Free Game Tickets, while Game Ticket supplies last or until August 21, 2012, whichever occurs first. There is a total of sixty thousand (60,000) $2 Instant Winner Cash Prizes with a total ARV of $120,000. There is a total of fifteen thousand (15,000) $5 Instant Winner Cash Prizes with a total ARV of $75,000. There are a total of 2,025,000 Free Product Prizes consisting of 40 different Instant Winner free product offers with ARVs ranging from 79¢ to $4.49 with an average ARV of $0.93 for a total ARV of $1,883,250. There are also 5,000,000 Instant Winner Prizes consisting of two (2) Albertsons® SIZZLIN’ SUMMER GIVEAWAY Collect & Win Game Tickets, with an ARV of $0. The total ARV of all Instant Winner Prizes is: $2,078,250.

In participating Albertsons® stores located in the state of Washington (excluding Battle Ground and Vancouver), and the cities of Hayden Lake, Coeur D’Alene, and Lewiston, Idaho, and Pendleton, Oregon only: Inside 3,175,000 Game Tickets there will be a coupon for 250 Albertsons Preferred Rewards™ Points with an ARV of $0. The odds of winning this prize are 1 in 8 Game Tickets. Inside 1,500 Game Tickets there will be a coupon for 5,000 Albertsons Preferred Rewards™ Points with an ARV of $0. The odds of winning this prize are 1 in 16,933 Game Tickets. An Albertsons Preferred Rewards™ Card is required for redemption of Albertsons Preferred Rewards™ Point coupons. There are also 28 Sweepstakes prizes with an ARV of $1,000 each for a total ARV of $28,000. Discount Offers. In addition to the prizes listed above, there are 34,276,940 cents-off coupon offers with an average ARV of 55¢ for a total ARV of $18,852,317.

Total ARV of all prizes : $23,237,567


  1. my family is proud to have a Albertsons less than one block from our house we want to thank you all for all your hard work

  2. I have tried 3 times to register for the Sizzlin Summer Sweepstakes. It never works. All I ever get is ERROR OCCURED. What the heck kind of games are you playing with your customers. I keep filling out all the info and just before I get to the page where I would give my Code numbers, I can’t go any further.


  3. I have lost count on how many times I have tried to register for your sweeptakes, but all I get is error occured. You need to lets us know what error or tells us what you want more clearly. How am I suppost to remember my card less ID? When I’m at the store and don’t have my card all they ask for is my phone number and nothing more. I finally keyed in for a new card and found that I’m to enter a 3 digit number after my 7 digit phone and that would be my Card less ID. I did as you directed for a new card and was told error occured. Why???? Please let me know. Also when I keyed in I had to search through a lot to find the right one. Why is this so, you know hard? Please help I would like to win and use all my chances.

  4. this game sucks i played it the last time an iwould always get the same peciec everytime i think this game is fake

  5. This game is in California too, and you have to sign up on to register. The sign in is a pain. It is odd to me that in California most of the announced winners so far are from San Diego, Las Vegas, and areas away from Los Angeles and the south bay cities. So winning stickers must be being distributed only in certain areas of the state. Also I heard from someone that employees are winning a lot of the prizes. Employees get a red game card, as opposed to the orange the public receives. Several of us have not gotten one new sticker to put on the game board in a month just the same old ones. Something seems fishy about that. It probably is just a promotion to get people to shop there and buy more (in hopes of getting a winning game card). I don’t think I will play the game next time it is promoted since it does not seem fair to customers.

  6. I Would have to agree.. Albertsons website really sucks.. try downloading coupons to your perfered card..Not..Doesn’t work..Drove all the way to Bozeman just to fill up my car, using my gas rewards..what a joke that doesn’t work.. I have wasted so much time on this BS website..I hate that sizzlinsummer crap even more.. I have had to change the password about everytime you log in. They really don’t value their customers..tried to print out coupons with shopping list, when the above did not work. Guess what it did not work either…Spoke with the local manager on Tues. 7-17-12 (or young lady that claimed to be a manager.. showed her how the coupon bar code, basicly no coupon printed, just a list of coupons requested to print. All she could say was HAH. There should be a big ad on the website(if it ever works) for a job application for new web designer/IT person.

  7. I would have put these comments on the website, but again all you get is internet explorer cannot display this page. I have found a few back doors. Smiths is really starting to look better. At least their website works, coupon downloads work, gas rewards work. Just have to drive 10miles instead of 6 blocks.

  8. I to Have difficulty believing your contest is real. I have had no new tickets for the last 3 weeks. And today there is no site that works to put in my numbers for the shopping spree sweepstakes. I have a shopper at Albertson’s for forty years. This is the biggest disappointment thus far.
    You had better do some damage control. I am considering contacting the Attorney General’s office of Washington to complain.

  9. I too want to know WHY it is we {I read others comments also} cannot enter our codes what kind of game are you playing that we need to sign up for an acct and still not be able to enter our code numbers this should be out lawed as it is deceitful!!!!!!!

  10. I too have tried numerous times to enter my code and the website just has me going in circles. I gave up trying.

  11. i agree with u all .. i realy love albertson store..bakery an etc…what so ever ..everytime i have ticket im so excetid if i have good news..but what i see is all same here number lol..what the hick..realy hubby told me, what purpose of this game.. they said some one win ? and why my city or near wher i live is none here lol..what kind a game is this ? fake or just want us to buy more at this store..i always go this store anyway..but when i think this game make me fool myself that i get anything even just two dollars…omg thats all i cant say realy..but who is win already ? conngrats to all of u..

  12. To whomever is in charge of this farce you’re calling a “game”. I’ve pretty much had it with all of the run around tactics, blocks, error codes, and let’s face it, flat out lies, concerning the fairness of this sweepstakes game, and the ticket/hardcopy version as well. After having read my fellow sufferers comments, it seems i’m not alone either. What a croc of s*#t! I’ve got over 100 of these supposedly good entry codes, and not a damn place to enter them at. State Attourney Generals Office my ass. I’m writing a letter of complaint to my Congressman, and requesting an official investigation, both of this so called “Fair Game” and of the person or persons responsible for this farce. I’m through spending my hard earned money at your stores if this is how you treat your customers. I’m sure WinCo, Fred Meyers, QFC, Safeway, Red Apple, Walmart, and the corner grocery store will be just as happy to take my money and treat me with the respect any good customer deserves. Good day.

  13. I tried to enter my code numbers and had no lucks I am very disappointed in Albertsons, and will only shop there in an emergency. J.S.

  14. After reading the comments of other people concerning your “game” I have come to the conclusion that the “game” is a perfect WASTE of my time.!!!

  15. Although I did have trouble in the beginning, I did contact Albertson’s tech support for the sweepstakes, and they said to allow pop-ups at their site. I know maybe it’s too little too late, but I hope you all better luck! I was able to enter all my codes. Give it a try.

  16. i feel so alone because i was able to put my codes in and the fact that all of you potential winners are unable to do the same. i hope you don’t proceed against albertsons because the game wasn’t a sham. please continue to shop at albertsons they are an awesome store as well as the employees there. thank you albertsons for the opportunity to be apart of your sizzlin summer sweepstakes it was fun even if i didn’t win anything i had alot of fun.

  17. Today is August 22/12. According to your rules, the sizzling summer sweepstakes closes on August 21. However, on your cards with the game codes, it states very plainly that “On-line entries must be made by 11:59 pm PST on 09/04/12.” I entered some codes early in the game, although only the first half of them seemed to be recorded. After writing to a contact about that, she answered that all the numbers were recorded, even though I had no record of that. (I printed out the ones that showed up as recorded and had to accept her response.) Today I’m back with 9 more codes to enter. There are supposed to be 13 more days for players to be able to do that. However, I, too, have been blocked out and unable to do this…….. as if the game is closed for all of us on-line as well (as of yesterday, August 21). So we shopped and “earned” our entry codes, right up to what we expected and read would be our last day. That last day is supposed to be Sept. 4! Seems to me something is wrong here. Obviously, others are having problems entering their codes as well. Albertsons…….. this is not ” legit” ! This is enough to make many of us want to take our business elsewhere. Albertson needs to “explain” what happened here. ?????????

  18. I have tried several times to sign up and log in and enter codes,I have at least 25, for this game. Very disappointing. I couldnt find anything that said click to make this my store as directed. I also saw something that said this promotion ended on aug.21st. the game tickets say this promotion ends on sept.4th or sept. 11th. well i see someone has posted the million dollar prize has been won. thats good. ive had all but one number since the second week the game started.


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