Eligibility : The Ultimate Dental Health Makeover Contest is open to individuals 18 years or older at the time of entry and is only open to legal residents of the 50 United States and District of Columbia. This Contest is void outside the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, and where prohibited.

Promotion Period : The Ultimate Dental Health Makeover Contest begins at 12:01 a.m. (E.S.T.) on June 1st, 2009 and all entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. (E.S.T.) on May 31, 2010.

How To Enter : Enter by visiting the official registration page on the Ultimate Dental Health Makeover Contest webpage on deardoctor.com and access the Official Entry Form. Complete the Official Entry form by following the instructions on the website.

Prize (s):

One Grand Prize Winner will receive an “Ultimate Dental Health Makeover package” (approximate retail value $5,000 – $35,000) and will be selected by a committee formed by Dear Doctor from among 10 semi-finialists chosen randomly. Semi-finalists will be chosen on or about June 2, 2009.

Total ARV of all prizes:
$5,000 – $35,000

Winners : For grand prize winner list, visit www.deardoctor.com/makeover/winners/ (available after August 15, 2009).


  1. I only have 21 teeth (and I am being generous with that count). From time to time I am sure that my teeth are shifting their positions. In any case it would be great to have a full mouth of teeth.

  2. im a cancer survior from the age of 4 i m 41 on this day i need
    my teeth done badly cause i cant chew my food real good so it can digest properly my gums is’nt developed right so dentures
    can set in properly so i have to have implant of some type . HELP

  3. I was born a cleff palet baby and my family never had the money to fully fix my mouth and teeth. I am thankfull to be alive and love everything about myslef inside and out except my smile. I hate taking pictures because of my smile . This has a major effect on my self confidence and if there is anyway possible to make my smile as happy looking as i am on the inside it would chage my life forever. I want people to see me for the happy outgoing ,caring person I am not not for the crooked smile on my beautifull face.
    samantha stough

  4. Hi my name is Christy and I am 22 years old. I have struggle with my teeth since I was a little girl. My mom was a single mom and doing the best she could do. I have never had dental insurance before so I have only been to a dentist one time in my whole life. I am getting married August 28, 2010 and my dream is to what pretty straight teeth when I walk down the aisle. Please help me.

  5. i am severe need of a dental makeover due to unknown meddical reasons my teeth are so bad dont ever smile iam missing some as well….

  6. I’m a 40 yr old widower. My teeth have been bad for a while , some broken , some missing . Before my wife passed away , all my money went to taking care of my family . Now I don’t have a family and a nice smile would go a long way to getting my confidence back.

  7. My name is Dominic and I’ve been grinding my teeth since I was about 7 years old. I’m now 25 and all my teeth are basically shattering and falling off. I’m constantly in pain almost everyday. I barely eat anymore, because I’m afraid of causing more damage and being in chronic pain. I haven’t smiled in about 4 years now and I have no confidence anymore. I went to the E.R. for pain and the doctor asked me if I was a Meth addict. I cried for a while than tryed to take my own life. Over teeth I’ve become depressed and a shut in. I’m afraid of being judged, because over all I’m a decent looking guy with ambition that’s not going anywhere in life. I have no money and everyplace says they don’t cover pre-existing conditions. I’m afraid to explain myself to friends, family, and even my girl I like soo much. Please Help me! Thankyou for your time. Sincerely, Dominic

  8. I have never liked my smile, but I love to smile and laugh with my family, friends and people I meet on a daily basis. I have always had dental issues all my life, and as a small child I was told I probably would never have any teeth by the time I was 20 yrs old! (Terrible thing to tell a child.) I have always felt it was important to take care of my teeth, so going to the dentist has been a priority in my life. I have had many root canals and crowns and a few dental implants. I feel it is part of my overall health. Unfortunatly, there has never been enough money for me to have a bright beautiful smile. I still smile and laugh and love my friends and family and life, but it would be a dream come true for me to have a smile makeover! Thank you. 🙂

  9. To whom it may concern:

    I am writing this letter in hopes that it will let you see the journey i have been on, and the obstacles i have overcome in my life. I was informed that your organization is one that helps provide monetary aide to those who are in need of Dental, and Medical attention, i hope that my letter can be taken into consideration.

    At this point in my life i have a hard time believing in anyone, and sometimes i even have hard time trusting myself. In saying that i mean i wear my heart on my sleeve, and i don;t stop and listen to what my mind is trying to tell my heart. TO often in my life i have been taken advantage of buy the people that i hold dearest to my heart to this day making it almost impossible to kindle a friendship. I know that i am a good person, i have made mistakes in my life none of which i am proud of but i also know that there is no way to go back and make right of things i did wrong, i can however take more kind actions if ever i am placed in the same situations and walk away with a better feeling. As humans i feel we have a divine instinct within us all that allows to feel the intentions of other humans and if we should feel threatened, betrayed, or hurt it is second nature to feel angry and form a barrier around our emotions, not trusting anyone who may come into our lives. Sadly enough we look for other ways to fill that void, some will try to replace it with sex, some with vanity,material items, others just give up on life and all who are in it. In my case i chose Meth a drug so powerful and manipulative once you introduce it to your system there is no turning back. I first experienced it when i was 13 years old and used it for about 6 months. Then when i was 18 my father committed suicide after loosing a battle with meth, i was heartbroken and lost and felt the only thing that would help me was the one thing that ruined my life. I became so lost and far into using meth i started lying, cheating, stealing, and making excuses for everything, i was so trapped i didn’t notice my “family” my whole life had fallen apart, and by the time i realized it, it was to late i couldn’t stop using and i was scared that if i did i would no longer be numb to my emotions and i would then have to face all the pain i felt, and all the pain i cause the people around me. As odd as it may sound my journey with drugs actually taught me a lot about myself and about the people i was surrounding myself with. I can’t say i am proud of what happened in my past but i will say that i don’t regret it, because those experiences have made me the strong person i am today. I have been sober now from meth for 17 months and being sober is the most rewarding and amazing thing i have done for myself and for those people i love. I found that life is the most AMAZING drug out there and i will continue for the rest of my life living it to the fullest with sobriety.

    I hope that you can take this letter into consideration. Through my drug use i neglected to take care of my teeth and i am now suffering the consequences of the meth use. I would like to be able to smile without covering my mouth, and not living every day with pain. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my letter.


    Travis Jerry Hanson

  10. i need help! i really do, my teeth are just getting worse i feel soo low i cant even smile anymore im not happy how can someone be happy knowing that your smiling with a broken smile that is how i feel inside broken. I feel soo sad because i cant even go anywhere knowing that the first thing they seee in me are my teeth im afraid of going out i dont have anymore friends anymore because im scared of what they would say about me and how they just wont talk to me anymore. Im only 24 and im i have bulimic teeth i have been humiliated because of my disease people just dont understand what ived been through because of the disease i use to have im ashemed but now im paying for it im soo sorry i just feel that everyone deserves a chance to start over again everyone deserves to be happy again i want to be happy again may i have that chance?

  11. Helllo: My name is paula Foster, I was very suprise to know that this can of website have dentist wanted to make people feel good about there teeth, I’m 52 years old when people look at me they said that i look good for my age, but when i start to smile,i see they face change,now they are looking at my teeth too. i think that why am having a hard time finding a job, I been out of work for over one year. and when i go on and interview, that all they

    thank you for taking out this time to read this message.

    paula foster

  12. I also have to take a public speaking class this spring. I have dropped out of two public speaking classes already due to my anxiety cuased by the appearance of my teeth. I come close to blacking out and passing out when I am in front of my class speaking. This is not exceptable for the career field I am about to enter. PLEASE CHOOSE ME AS A CANDIDATE FOR A DENTAL MAKEOVER!. It should only take a thourough cleaning, a handful of composite veneers, and a tooth whitening session. I’ll even make payments to pay you back and/or put money down. I can make the world a better place if given the chance. It’s just that people judge you by the apperance of your teeth som much now that it’s impossible for someone like me to get a fair shake in life.

  13. BTW, I was reading the comments on the webpage of the last contest you held for a dental makeover. One of the comments was posted by an angry contestant. They stated that this contest was a joke and that your organization could care less about people that are in need of your help. They also said that if we were to look at the past winners we’d realize that too because the winnners looked as though they didnt need help at all in the before photos. I have yet to look that up.
    I have been studying/learning about “phishing” websites in my ethical hacking class this semester. I hope this is just a coeincidence, but ever since I gave your website my email adress and phone number, I have been recieving soliciting text messages and cold call sales phone calls. Could it be that you are using this contest as a ploy in a phishing scheme to gather information about people and sell them to affiliates for marketing purposes? Hmmmm. I certainly hope not.

  14. As a child I was in need of braces,but could not afford to get them,I was never able to smile, was picked on relentlessly,and felt so ugly all my life. In the year 2000 I was involved in a near fatal car accident, which left me with a severe tramatic brain injury, paralyzed on the left side covered in scars, and with a missing tooth close to the front, due to severe depression I began to almost completely neglect the health of the remaining teeth, also not being able to work and afford dental care, now just last week a front tooth broke, I have been to the dentist trying to get the rest of the tooth extracted, and get partails for the two missing teeth, but the dentist informed me that it could not be done without removing three other top teeth, which would cost 9500 plus 1070 for the partials, and being on medicaid and SSI. I don’t have no where near that amont of money, I am unable to use my left hand, or arm, and don’t see how I can ever work again.But I can’t see myself going through the rest of this, already terrible, life looking and feeling like this, please help.I’ll be willing to send a photo, although I am completely ashamed of this,please consider me


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