Eligibility : 1-800-DENTIST My Smile Bites! $30,000 Smile Contest is only open to individuals who are eighteen (18) years of age or older as of the date of submission, who are legal residents of the fifty (50) United States or the District of Columbia (collectively “Territory”), and have not been convicted of a violent offense, felony, crime of moral turpitude, or misdemeanor, other than minor traffic ticket(s) or parking violation(s).

Promotion Period : The 1-800-DENTIST My Smile Bites! $30,000 Smile Contest submission period begins at 9:00:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time (“PST”) on September 17 , 2009 and ends at 12:00:00 p.m. PST on November 10, 2009 (“Submission Period”).

How To Enter : During the Submission Period, visit http://www.1800dentist.com/my-smile-bites/. Register for the Contest by providing all information requested.

Limit : Limit one (1) Entry per person/e-mail address during the Submission Period.

Prize (s):

One (1) winner will receive a smile makeover consisting of and defined as dental work with an approximate retail value (“ARV”) of up to $30,000 (Thirty Thousand Dollars) to be completed by a licensed and pre-selected 1-800-DENTIST® member dentist , designated by the Sponsor, in its sole discretion (“Prize”).

Total ARV of all prizes:

Winners : For the name of the winner, send an e-mail after December 21, 2009 to contest@1800dentist.com, and include “My Smile Bites! $30,000 Smile Contest Winner” in the subject line of the e-mail.


  1. If someone has a medical or dental problem you should not disqualify them because of an arrest record furthermore the more fortunate should be helping the constituents to build them up not taunt them when their down.In additiion this idea would be better if you guys pick 5 people a month instead of 1 winner to appear on a tv show in order to boost the doctors business.

  2. I haven’t seen a dentist in 10 years.I have parcels and they are over 20 years old.I don’t have insurance.this would be so wonderful to win.



  5. I think that this contest could be my only hope of ever having a decent smile. With 4 children I know I will never be able to afford to get the dental work done that I know I need to have done. I have very little self confidence, and do not smile outside of my home because my teeth are so bad. This contest could be my answered prayer.

  6. Im a 19 year old single mom. I have a overbite an stain teethe. My mom always telling me to use over the counter white kits, but, Im not able to afford any thing else.to make me feel good or to enhance my smile.I go to the dentist regular. But, my medicade does not cover anything else but the regular things. If Im able to win, I would feel more happy if this problem(overbite) could be corrected. Thanks for any considerations.

  7. This would be wonderful, and I would, with a new smile, be a whole lot more confident in myself. Right now, because I don’t smile a lot, people think I am a mean person….. I am not, I am a nice person.

  8. I was so excited to see this contest advertised on tv,i am 49 years old, and in desperate need of a new smile, my husband passed away 2 years ago and i seem to have lost alot of confidence since then. I would very much appreciate help with my smile, this would be a dream come true for me and a new beginning for my life. thank you so much!

  9. I have teeh brooken and black at the gum line. I have only 17 teeth left in my mouth. My few bottom teeth they are so lose when I ear I have to laid my toung behind them to hold them so they don’t move forward or backward while I eat. my top teeth two are brooken to gum line.the rest are decade in areas of the teeth. My step son is server mental handcap and I plane can’t afford to go to the dentist to have dentures. I just hate how mouth I won’t kiss my husband because I never let my health or my teeth go like they are know. It is so hard for me as I am the only one that works in my family do to the boy. I work in reatail and I have to talk to customer and I make sure they never see my mouth. I realy need this. I will never be able to afford to fix my mouth.
    Noma Schwyn

  10. My teeth are so bad that I worry the infection will do harm to me. I do not smile and can not afford a dentist, I have applied to dentel clinics but they do not do the surgery that I need and only give me anti-biotics. I would tell everyone that you helped me and believe me they would nitice. If I could afford it I would pay. We don’t have any insurance, and have children to raise. I hope that you will consider me. Thank you for this chance.

  11. Hi.
    My name is Despina and since I was 18 yrs old I have been trying to fix my teeth, especially braces. I had the chance to put braces when I was 20. It was right after I married my husband. He was in the Air Force, stationed in Athens, Greece. I went on base to see if I quilify to put braces on and the Dentist told me he could do it. Unfortunatelly, right after my visit to the Dentist we found out that they were closing the base. So, my luck ran out and didn’t get to do it. The Air Force moved us to AK, and when I went to see the Dentist for braces on base they told me that they canceled the program for dependents, and that we would have to start going to the Dentist off base…and that’s what I did. I went and saw a Dentist off base, but they told me that before I get to put braces we would have to put crowns which was going to cost me a lot of money. I was only able to do 2 crowns, because the other 2 crowns for my bottom teeth is going to cost me around $1700.00 which unfortunatelly don’t have right now. I also went to two bases here in Colorado Springs, CO to see if I qualify for braces, and they told me I’m too old to qualify. I’m 39 yrs old now, and every time I try to either save up money or go to a dentist I get my hopes up for nothing. All I want is a beautiful smile. Sometimes I wonder what it would feel like to have beautiful teeth. I see people with a beautiful smile and to be honest with you…I’m jealous. I have tried many times to save money to fix my teeth and I always fail. When I saw your commercial I thought to myself:”could this be my chance, finally?” I know other people might have a worse case than mine, and if you choose them it’ll be great, but if you choose me I will be forever grateful! Thank you for taking the time to read my e-mail.

  12. My teeth are so bad that I worry the infection will do harm to me. I do not smile and can not afford a dentist, I have applied to dental clinics but they do not do the surgery that I need and only give me anti-biotics. I would tell everyone that you helped me and believe me they would notice. If I could afford it I would pay. We don’t have any insurance, and have children to raise. I hope that you will consider me. Thank you for this chance.

  13. I have lost several of my back teeth. The ones I still have in the back are so sensitive that I can’t chew very well and end of doing most of the chewing with my front teeth. I was told by my dentist that I am a good candidate for implants, but due to the cost and the fact my dental insurance will not cover it, I cannot afford it. I have several loose teeth in the back which will have to be pulled. I also have problems with gum desease periodically. My dentist has to do a deep cleaning of my gums at least once a year. Please consider me for this contest. I work in an industry where I am in touch with many, many people in a day and would be a good source of advertisement for you. Thank yu for this opportunity

  14. Hello, my name is Dustin i’m 24 yrs old. Since i was a 16 i truly havent been able to smile without thinking of what others were going to say or think. My family wasnt able to afford to fix this problem. I almost had my dream come true when my school nurse told a friend my situation..they had me go price what the Dentist would charge for my repairs..they were substantial and the friend backed out. Since then ive been hiding my true potential! Im happily in a relationship with the woman i plan to marry! All i want is for me to be able to smile confidently at my wife and take pictures of me smiling threw the whole thing! This might just be the best things to ever happen to me if i win. Im young and bright and just want to show myself and everyone else my full potential! Thank You
    sorry i put the wrong email

  15. I am wanting a teeth makeover. I want this to improve my appearance as well as the health reasons it would eliminate my toothaches, and to get the broken teeth in the gum pulled.

  16. I had gastric bypass surgery I once was 512lbs. I have lost 157lbs I now weigh 375lbs what a dramatic change.  I am only 45yrs old, am losing weight and need my teeth fix to improve self-esteem. I was in the house before my surgery without going out for 2yrs before my gastric bypass surgery.  I am ashamed to talk and smile because of my raggedy mouth and this has lowered my self esteem.  I have no health insurance recently got state medicaid to pay for my gastric bypass surgery, but with my teeth they will only pay for them to get pulled.  I have no social life because I am ashamed and depressed to interact with people.  I really need a change to build my esteem now that I am losing my weight my self esteem and physical appearance can boost my social life and I would no longer be depressed. I have long endured the pain I now deserve a change to benefit me physically and emotionally.

  17. To make a long story short. I have 2 children all the little extra money I have go to them. Some crisis are car wreack, no money for copays,teeth really got bad during my pregantes. I hate to go to my kids school because of my mouth. And Im really one of those moms that like to be involved with kids education. Please help…………………………………

  18. HI, my name is Enedelia, and when I saw on t.v. about the contest I became hopeful. I am 35 years old and I nhave had trouble with my teeth since I was about 10 years old. My mom took me once to a clinic but damaged my front tooth nerve which damaged my two front teeth. I’ve never really smiled. My mom never took me back to the clinic. I gone through alot in my life, and I never have the money to do anything about my two front teeth, and the others that I also have that have cavities,and broken. I really need the help! I wish I could one day smile without putting my head down, which depresses me. I have faith!

  19. I have had a pretty smile,but now , I have a tooth missing in the front. and it make me look like a munster. I had dental work done and it was not done wright. Now i have no dental insurance. My other front tooth is caped, and it is not right. I don’t know what to do. I am on medicare. I have no dental insurance. OZZIE

  20. i have had horrible teeth ever since i can remember. i have been to so many dentists throughout the years only to have minor repairs, I’m 24 and will be 25 next month, i know my smile ages me greatly, i wish i could smile and feel as youthful as i am. I have two young children who ask me why my teeth look the way they do, it saddens me, so i do what i can to hide my smile. I also diligently care for brush and floss my childrens teeth so they do not have to go through what i have. winning this smile makeover would change my life, it would give me so much more than any 30,000 dollar paycheck could, it would give me something ive wanted my whole life; a beautiful warm shining smile

  21. Hi I’m a 47 yr old single mom and have placed my health on the back burner to give as much as I can to my daughter. There’s so much health concerns going on with me right now that I wouldn’t know where to start but when I heard about this oppurtunity I thought you cann’t win if you don’t enter. I’ve read several of the other comments and some have moved me to event want to forfeit my entry. There’s alot of needs out there and we have alittle too much company these days! God Bless you guys of this oppurtunity!!

  22. Hi, my name is Julie and I am a single parent of 6. My husband passed away 6 years ago and left me to parent alone. It has not been an easy road and during this time and my teeth have suffered tremendously. I have not had any dental insurance and my teeth need so much work. I have many teeth missing and some rotting as we speak. I feel like this would be exacty what I need to start the second half of my life. I appreciate your consideration and hope you have a blessed day.

  23. What a wonderful opportunity for a lucky and deserving person. I would hope to be that person but of course only one can be the winner!

    At the age of 14 I fell and broke my front teeth. My father was on disability and extraction was the only treatment my parents could afford at that time.
    Many years have passed and I have done what I could afford while raising three biological sons, four adopted children and caring for over 100 foster children during the past 33 years. Now I am in my third year of volunteer service with AmeriCorps as a Mentor Coordinator for foster youth. An Educational Stipend means a degree for “me” this time! I am blessed to have this opportunity (even at my age) to get an education that will allow me to “make a difference”. Having dental work that gives me confidence to do public speaking on behalf of our future leaders would be a prayer answered! I may have been raised poor but was very lucky to have parents that taught us what was really important in life. I would never wish for a beautiful smile if it meant giving up all those years of service to youth! Thanks so much for your consideration and God bless you for helping someone reach their potential. Linda

  24. this would be the best thing happen tome because i know i have a mouth diease that s going to kill me in the long ran i have four kids and im always thinkingof them an not myself any litte money i get gose on my grandkidsan if i only had a litte help god would have answer my prays beside the fact i have losted my son sometimes i fell like i died my heart is filled with so much pain only if i can stop the pain in my mouth that would be something to tell the world god really answer prays thanks for once some one cares for me i learned everything on my own no mother to be there for me god pleasebless me THANK YOU.

  25. This smile makeover would mean the world to me and my self esteem. Back in the day, I had good dental insurance, and good 6 month cleanings, braces, etc. I worked as an RN until a car accident left me disabled. Noe I know what its like to go without dental care. I remember when I used to lean over patients, for example to listen to their heart when assessing them, and how they would comment on how pretty my teeth were. Not anymore, I don’t know when I’ve last been complimented on my teeth. When I had my car wreck, It cracked a canine, causing it to abcess, I also starting grinding my teeth due to the pain and PTSD, from the wreck that caused my to hydroplanne coming home from work at a home health agency. I had new tired, was going 20 miles the speed limit, thinking I was doing everything right. When I briefly came to, I looked up at the flight nurse and remember asking him if I was in an elevator, and he said, No, you’re in a helicopter”. I remember thinking, this must be bad.”, and that’s all I remember, until I came to, while they were shaving my head to staple it, where it had hit the windshield. I think it was a miracle, because a doctor and a nurse, who I don’t remember seeing behind me, saw the accident and told them to send the Life Flight. The weather was so bad, around that same time, a police helicopter was out hunting for drugs, and it crashed, and all aboard persihed-so I feel very blessed. Even thought I had my work badge on, and my purse, they called me “South Dakota” (their version of Jane Doe). When I got there, I could not tell them my name or how to contact my hubby (My cell also perished in the wreck. I was 5 months pregnant, and my placenta abrupted. I could feel him moving, kicking as he fought for his life, which he lost. My pelvis was fractured in 3 places, as well as my left humerus, from the seatbeat.
    My poor little boy could not be delivered until 8 days later when I was stabilized enough to deliver. I also had a closed skull fracture and was left with a laundry list of neurological problems. As I said, I still feel very blessed and grateful like a lot of cancer victims do. I crossed the median when I hydroplaned, and was hit by an older Buick-it could have been an 18 wheeler. I’m thankful the the mystery nurse and doctor that called 911-I never found out who they where, I most grateful that I can still see, though sometimes blurred, hear, walk, and talk. I now have arthritis in my pelvis/hips, Shoulder, chronic headaches, central sleep apnea, RLS, and on, but that’s not the point. Due to the medical bills and not working, I have a temp crown on the abcessed canine, I had to have tooth #3 pulled as it had been filled so many times and I couldn’t afford another root canal and crown,, finally, it cracked and had to be pulled. My temp crown is loose, and I’m afraid I’m going to swallow it, like I did the original-custom porcilin crown. Also I had braces twice on my bottom teeth, the sencond time, instead of pulling the wisdon teeth, the dentist filed them, which I believe caused some cavities between those teeth. Anyways, though, its not really about me, I’d really love to see my father get the prize. When he didn’t have dental insurance he had 3 or 4 teeth pulled. The dentist keeps asking when he’s going to get a partial, but he’s still paying on his carotid endarrectomy surgery. I love my Dad. He really loves his grandchildren-goes to their events, picks them up from school, goes with us to their school functions. He’s a very proud man, though. and hates to ask for help. He’s tried his best to help others any was he can. It brings tears to my eyes to think of how generous he is, when he has so little. The other man is my life that is too proud is my husband. He had a broken off tooth, plus several that have been pulled. His teeth are so yellowed (and he wants to work with the public). He also has a huge gap between his top from teeth. Both men (and myself) put esp. the kids and the house first, and try to help other less fortunate, even if we don’t have much, we try. Thanks for listening. S

  26. November 2, 2009

    Dear Dental Panel,
    I had the chance to meet up with an old friend from my prior high school, I think it was back in December of 2006. It was great, we tried several times to get together again, but I was having so many dental problems that I was too embarrassed, to be seen by anyone. I never even told her why, I just didn’t think she would understand. I regret letting the opportunity pass me by. It has been some time, and things have only gotten worse for us financially, so dental work isn’t even a possibility for the near or distant future. It’s too complicated and extensive for any local dentist to even consider, much less offer to repair for free or exchange for commercial advertisement consideration, I tried.
    This past September I was on the internet, getting back in touch with some old classmates, and chatting with some of their friends. I had made plans to meet up with an old friend, but then had a panic attack when I realized I had become comfortable with speaking to her but then it dawned on me that it was while I was online, not in person. I had to cancel for several reasons, but mostly because I was about to die of embarrassment. You see I had to make a serious and permanent decision some time ago, because for years I have dealt with teeth that would split, shatter and even break off, without being able to wait for the nerve to die first. But when the future of my overall good health, was a concern, I took about a minute for myself, decided and followed through with their removal, before I could change my mind. It was done.
    Some people would barely notice, even with the difference in my speech. Others would react with surprise and some with enough embarrassment for the both of us, they might excuse themselves and ask a family member or friend , trying not to hurt my feelings, so I choose to believe, what has happened. They’d ask why I’d taken such a drastic step. I am so affected by the missing teeth, now, that I don’t socialize with anyone anymore.
    I’ve become somewhat of a recluse. I don’t want even to be seen by family or close friends, at family birthday parties, holiday occasions or cookouts. It has been difficult speaking clearly and being understood in person, and even more so, on the phone. It is so frustrating at times that I have to either hand the phone to someone else or have to spell everything. I’ve gotten to the point that I just avoid
    talking to people, be it on the phone or in person, and especially to the automated machines, they never understand what I’m trying to say. Even calling to my
    own dogs can be exhausting, when they don’t recognize my voice.
    I use to have such a nice smile, and didn’t realize how negatively this would affect me on a daily basis. I have become quite a recluse in part to not having teeth, and really miss socializing with all kinds of people, especially friends. I was quite affected by the ending result of my decision, and even stunned by others reactions, it does make a difference whether you have nice looking teeth or not. I haven’t told everyone about the health and dental issues I’ve had to deal with all my life so let me say it now. A beautiful white smile makes a big impression, and so does the lack of one. Some might understand, some won’t have a clue and some will say they do, but still react with a dropped jaw when they just can’t comprehend it.
    The issue of food is so affected, even more now than before. Eating healthy means eating more vegetables and fruits, I’d love too. No chance with fresh raw, or even barely cooked vegetables and fruit. By the time it’s cooked so that I can eat it there is almost no nutritional value left. Biting , tearing, and holding food in my mouth is difficult or impossible. I love a good salad, even a not so good salad. Not possible anymore. Meats have to be rare, this only works with say steak, but not a good idea with pork or poultry, too dangerous. I used to like cooking, but not so much anymore. Unless you’ve lived without teeth, you couldn’t possibly know what it’s like. I have and I recommend that while there is an ounce of life in your body that you do everything possible to keep all the permanent teeth you grew up using, that came as part of the original package. If you have to adapt, then find the best that you can buy, not the least expensive. You’ll thank me later.

    Sincerely and from
    the heart, Melody Salvo


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