How To Enter :  You must set up an online account (the “Account”) at the website (the “Website”) before you can start redeeming Official Codes for Taste Points and earning Taste Points through various other means.

Eligibility : The Miller Lite Make Summer Count Sweepstakes (the “Sweepstakes”) is open only to legal U.S. residents, who are 21 years of age or older, excluding residents of California.

Timing : Sweepstakes begins at or about  12:00:00 am CT on 5/1/11 and ends at 11:59:59 pm CT on 7/31/11.

Limit : Limit five (5) code submissions and/or other Taste Points Redemptions per Account per day, including on the Website, by text message and by foursquare “Check-Ins”.

Prize (s) :

Please read the official rules ( for complete prize listing


  1. I’am haveing difficulties in redeeming my pts. I already have a facebook account and still can’t seem to be able to get thru

  2. i have saved 12 pack 24 pack 30 pack points by the stacks cant redeem a single one and yes i have facebook and tried there and every where else they danced me around too all this bs and i cant even win a coozie even with a phd my daughter couldnt help me enter points this is a waste of time im going to start drinking bud light again

  3. cant redeem a single point what a farce shame on miller first time shame on me second wont be a third good bye miller light hellow bud light

  4. What kind of a scam are you running .I tried every website you have ,and canot get connected to anyone of them.????????????????????????

  5. apparently no one can sign in through facebook or any other route! So much for saving all those entry numbers and supporting Miller Lite.

  6. This is bs i tried and tried to redeem my points and got nothing ,i even sign in on facebook an still could not redeem.waste of time saveing all these points, thank miller!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i can’t get the web site to load in order to enter my taste points codes
    I have tried it on 2 different computers so I know it is not my computer.
    the site doesn’t work.

  8. what a colossol waste of time and money! I have 6 24packs of miller lite codes and your game is worthless! now that I read others comments I feel the same frustrations!

  9. Miller Lite is the only beer my husband drinks (I’m Celiac, so I don’t drink beer, but I am from Wisconsin)…so I thought I’d redeem points for him…I too, am having issues…I log in to FB and get the run around as well….maybe hubby will start drinking wine with me instead!! Miller may have lost a lifetime drinker!!

  10. Wow, Apparently Not able to EITHER to log on & Redeem. If you are advertising a contest, Redeem Your Loyal “Miller LITE” Customers!!!!!!

  11. nothing works!!!!!
    i’ve always been able to enter before
    have 25 /24 packs.
    what’s up?

  12. What a freaking scam! I cant get past the facebook login to enter my points! I feel cheated! I’m drinking Bud Light until you fix this Miller Lite!

  13. I’ve been around the world and cannot get into the sweepstakes to enter. Is there a secret code or something?????

  14. I started back drinking miller lite for this contest. I have collected 17 codes and still haven’t been able to redeem them so I emailed Miller Lite a week ago and they said that they were working on the problem. I GUESS IT WAS TOO BIG FOR THEM TO HANDLE BECAUSE IT STILL ISN’T FIXED. I guess I’ll go back to drinking my other beer because atleast their contest always works.

  15. I have Facebook and it will not let me log in to sync my points. Guess this contest was a waste of my time and money. Guess I’ll have to switch to Bud Lite instead!!!

  16. I bought 10 cases of Miller Lite on Sale May 2nd & there are No tastepoints in any of the cartons as stated there would be!Someone needs to get there beer cans in a row!

  17. I opened up account but none of the codes below 24 oz
    Cans are valid. WTF



  18. AS everyone states, this is a bogus program. I love all the complaints but sad thing is…no reply……right?….all links are not working….this is almost a bait and switch game….well….you attorneys can have fun w/that….but…..come on man!!!!!!!

  19. I think your all too drunk and thats why you can’t get a clue!!! My husband and I are true Miller Light fans for over 20 years and we deserve to win! So go back to your backwash and stay out of my contest!!!

  20. I had NO PROBLEM FOR few weeks. Now, I can’t get into the site & LOST all my stored points….they are gone !!! i can’t get back to where I began IN JUNE. I HAVE BEEN A MILLER LITE DRINKER FOR YEARS….I THOUGHT I’D AT LEAST WIN A T-SHIRT…. WE BUY MULTI CASES PER WEEK….THOUGHT THIS WOULD BE A NICE THAN YOU TO US LOYAL DRINKERS !!!!!!!

  21. I did get to enter 5 codes for this promotion and after that I can not enter the site—how frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. have been drinking miller lite for 30 plus years this is the biggest scam I have ever seen .Ihave 35 to 40 24 packs that I can not enter this is bs

  23. I have been very frustrated with this whole thing, but now at least I know I’m not alone. I’m not going to say I’ll quit drinking their beer but I’m not about to keep saving the cases to play their games any more.


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