Miller Lite Better. Bolder. Summer. Sweepstakes

Miller Lite Better. Bolder. Summer. Sweepstakes

Eligibility :
Open only to residents of the 50 United States (except California residents), District of Columbia, Bahamas, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands, who are of legal drinking age or older in their place of residence at time of entry, unless prohibited by law.

Timing :
Miller Lite Better. Bolder. Summer. Sweepstakes begins at 10:00:01 AM (ET) on 5/1/08 and continuing through 11:59:59 PM (ET) on 9/30/08

How to Enter :
Visit, follow the on-screen entry instructions and enter your Entry Code.
Look for an Official Entry Code (“Entry Code”) printed inside specially-marked 12-, 24- and 30-can multi-packs of Miller Lite.

Limit :

Prize (s):
(3) Random Drawing Grand Prizes – A Harley-Davidson® 105th Anniversary Edition motorcycle (MSRP USD $17,565 ea.);

13) Prizes of a USD $200 American Express Gift Card (not redeemable for cash);

(13) Prizes of a Harley-Davidson®/Miller Lite Leather Jacket (Men’s Large only) (USD $250 ea.);

(13) Prizes of the “Ultimate Traveling Package” consisting of a Travel Bag, Portable Hammock and Portable Tent (USD $230 per prize);

(13) Prizes of the “Bolder Summer Package” consisting of an MP3 Player/Cooler, Portable BBQ Grill, Portable Picnic Table and bench, and Miller Lite Riding sunglasses (USD $205 per prize);

(13) Prizes of the “Ultimate Accessory Package #1” consisting of Leather Gloves and Helmet (Men’s Large only) (USD $200 per prize);

(13) Prizes of the “Ultimate Accessory Package #2” consisting of a Harley-Davidson® Mesh Jacket (Men’s X-Large only) and cap (USD $155 per prize);

(13) Prizes of an MP3 player (USD $150 ea.); (14) Prizes of a Portable DVD player and 5 sponsor-specified “biker” DVDs (USD $315 per prize).

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  1. Beth Downs says:

    I continue to try and enter summer sweepstakes, I have adobe and it won’t take me anywhere to enter?

  2. Hi Beth,

    I just tried to enter this sweepstake and everything is working correctly. (I’m using Firefox browser)

    You have to understand that the Miller Sweepstakes site doesn’t belong to us. We are just listing it on our website.
    So, if you have any problem entering this sweepstakes, I would advice to contact someone at Miller directly.

    Good luck

  3. diana says:

    I just wanted to say that every Monday in a small town in michigan I take this little old man to the store and he faithly buys 7 cases of miller lite in the cans and we have been entering the codes for a few weeks now and for some reason there are a lot of the same numbers and I was just wondering why? do they all still count. mr. Teffer has been a good customer and is very faithful in buying your beer if there is anything that could give or donoate to him i sure would take pleasure in giving him something from you guys even if it’s a few coupons it would be nice to see a smile on his face, I beleive that millerlite company would be the only ones that could bring a smile to this mans face. sincerely yours Diana

  4. Harley says:

    Has anyone seen the mail in forms for this Miller better bolder summer sweep? If so what are the addresses?

  5. Swaaanger says:

    The address I got from a Meijer coupon entry is …

    Miller Lite Better Bolder Sweepstakes
    C/O Mason Creations
    4030 West River Road
    Comstock Park, MI 49321

    But don’t bother entering … I’m gonna win it … 😉

  6. Harley says:

    Thanks Swaaanger,but i’m in Tn. so i probably would’nt be eligable. Is that just michigan entry or possibly a few northern states? If its just Michigan “START MAILING AT LEAST 20 PER DAY!!!” There’s not much time left on this . Do it and you WILL win one of these bikes!!!!! I’m serious, I have reasearched the heck out of this one and it is HUGE.. once in a lifetime. (HINT: They are giving away more than 3 Harleys!Oh Yes!!)The easiest big win you will possibly ever see. Sorry i got your post so late, but you still have time if you get this post soon. Good luck to you and all who reads this. I really believe I have my new HD in the bag! YOU can TOO!!!
    I can honestly say this: “No matter who is reading this right now, no matter where you live, someone very close to you is about to take home a brand new Harley Davidson! Did I mention this is HUGE!!!!!Truley unbelievable opportunity for us sweepers!
    Good luck to all!

  7. Ed Siderits says:

    win or loose I’ll always drink Miller Lite

  8. Ed Siderits says:

    I have a Harly now and I always drink in moderation when riding. most of my long rides are for charity for kids and I want to be able to get there for them! Ride carfully!

  9. Harley says:

    God I hope your joking

  10. Jill says:

    My friend won a jacket last night at Cascade Bar and grill in Grand Rapids, Mi. She peeled off the label and there it was! I am trying to find a pic but it wont show even after I downloaded the latest version of adobe. I’m going to switch to ML so I can see it I guess.

  11. sharon olivares says:

    I won the nite rod!! I never believed in sweepsteaks but I won I live in north miami beach florida and I am still in disbelief I love miller beer!!!!

  12. Maria says:

    My boyfreind has a Dyna Wideglide and i am looking to buy one myself or hopfully win one Miller lite is what i serve to alot of my customers at my bar i don’t mind it i drink it myself

  13. Naomi says:

    I’ve always dreamed of having my own bike, But I doubt that I will ever have the money to buy one!!

  14. steve says:

    how do you enter it won,t work for me i am really mad madd maddd and getting madder this is bull i have all kinds of numbers and they don,t work and all i drink is miller lite for now i tried everything i think this is fake my numbers will not go through i tried over and over i put my birth date in and all that wheel does at the bottom of page is spin and never stop i went to bed it was spinning and i got up in the morning and it was still spinning none beleiver my computer works their is no number to call

  15. steve says:

    tell me how to make this work thanks steve good luck everyone help me if you can good luck good luck good luck have a great day to everyone

  16. Harley says:

    sharon olivares ;
    Are you serious?! Was this the mail in to Clinton.Ia? If so, how many entries did you mail? I put a lot in that one. Florida was included in that one. How were you notified- let us know the details! . All theese people fussing about the web entries and are missing their chance to win locally. Miller is giving away tons of these bikes. 883 sportsters, 1100 sportsters, 1100 nitsters, nite rods and v-rods. Most are local, only 4 bikes are national web entry only(the ones everyone is trying for here-and by far the hardest to win)
    I have quallified for a 1100 nightster locally here in nashville,Tn. I have a 1 in 10 chance on it. Tomorrow is the big day (thursday august 14), being held at Logans Roadhouse. I was really hoping for that night rod- (mail in only clinton, Ia) I think that is the one you won!
    Congrats!sharon olivares! You beat me out of that one!!!!

    By the way I have had no problem with the web site. I also enter every day on miller lite and mgd, but dont ever expect to win a thing thru a web entry on a large prize. It wont happen- the odds are just to great. To win a big prize you got to lick some stamps!

  17. robertbaenen says:

    i’m trying to enter the miller football season sweepstakes and have no luck. the contest is supposed to start 9-1-08. It says to go to and enter your code,I tried all that and i still can’t get in.I read the directions in the box and can’t seem to enter.

    Robert Baenen

  18. Hi Robert,

    I think the sweepstakes was not online at the moment you visited the site.
    It seems to be online right now.
    You can visit and you will find it easily

  19. Burnard K. Dalton says:

    It is the best tasting beer on the market. It does not leave me with a headach or upsit stomac.

  20. nanette paro says:

    I registered 34 days ago about the millerlite bottle caps, I was supposed to receive an e-mail with a password, but I never received one, so what next?

  21. nanette paro says:

    you never sent an e-mail with a password

  22. Dolores Andrews says:

    Hi, I have been saving my bottle caps for some contest for charity, i want to send them but i have no address. Please send me an address. Thank you Dolores

  23. Ange says:

    Hi there, we are new to this Contest, but not Miller Lite. I love the full flavor on the light side. My boyfriend drinks Miller. We love it,it’s family beer.I’ve tried other light beers.I’m hooked! I’ll will enter our code & see where it takes us….Goodluck to All!

  24. RONALD E BURTON says:


  25. Hi Ronald,

    We are not aware of this sweepstakes

  26. Ryan Shaw says:


    100 grills 100 days –

    PFC just called and told me that I’d won. Good luck. IN residents only.

  27. victoria hackett says:

    make lettering for your web site larger.

  28. Adele Davenport says:

    Its fun every day entering the sweepstakes. To drive a Harley-Davidson with my brothers would be great. Its still nice on the back of one. After a ride.We are on our way home for a BBQ and a Miller- lite Sunday afternoon Ya………!

  29. sharon says:

    i won tickets to the first dallas cowboy home football game and this was in nov or dec but i still havent got my tickets yet. whats going on

  30. Mark says:

    No clue how to enter and I’m a miller lite fan

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